Grab Your Wallet: You Can Now Buy Meghan & Harry's Iconic Blue Wedding Car For A Small Fortune

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You might not have had a truly royal wedding, but soon, you'll be able to own a piece of it. Replicas of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's wedding Jaguar are on the way. Fans swooned over the silver-blue, two-seat convertible during the royal wedding in May, and now the "Jaguar E-Type Concept Zero," that was originally manufactured in 1968, according to Kensington Palace, and "has since been converted to electric power" is available to buy — if you've got the bank account to support it.

Tim Hannig, the director of Jaguar Land Rover Classic, explained the news in a press release on the company website, saying, "We’ve been overwhelmed by the positive reaction to the Jaguar E-type Zero concept. Future-proofing the enjoyment of classic car ownership is a major stepping stone for Jaguar Classic."

According to the Jaguar website, the company is planning to offer newly updated versions of the car to the public — the common folk — in the next few years. As Marie Claire pointed out, "The converted cars will be powered by lithium-ion battery packs that will allow them to travel 170 miles on one charge." It's truly an innovative, forward-thinking development that (well-to-do) fans of the royal family will be clamoring over.

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UK newspaper The Daily Mail notes that the cars will be available in 2020 at the absolute earliest. Like a Royal Wedding, they won't come cheap, either: The paper reports that just one of the modernized cars will cost a U.S. buyer approximately $450,000. But really, what wouldn't you pay to live even a little bit like the Duke and Duchess of Sussex? Plus, the precise one they rode in for their wedding even has the steering wheel on the left — common for the United States, but not many other countries. As Marie Claire noted, that's likely because the car was designed to be shipped or marketed to countries outside of the United Kingdom. Plus, it was a sweet, subtle nod to the fact that Markle is American — and the Duke of Sussex looked darn fine driving in it.

Admittedly, even if you love the royal couple so much, it is quite excessive to buy a replica of the car they left their wedding party in, at the price point its being offered at. But if you do have that cash to burn, and you are looking to recreate the royal wedding getaway, then there may be no better way to spend it than a metallic two-seater with a vintage look and a modern energy source.

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If you fancy going all-out with your Prince Harry and Meghan Markle cosplay, you'll be glad to learn that the Stella McCartney design Markle wore to her wedding reception is on sale as well. You can even purchase the wine they reportedly served at the luncheon — provided you've arranged a designated driver beforehand, of course. Who knows what 2018 royal wedding detail will be made widely available to the public next, but here's hoping it's a secret member of the family that shows up at your doorstep with flowers, begging you to return home across the pond with them. With or without the electric Jaguar! Depends on how good they are at driving a car with a left-side steering wheel. Or maybe just buy the dress.