Meghan Markle Has The CUTEST Ideas For Throwing Your Own Oscars Party This Year

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One of the more tragic victims in the Meghan Markle/Prince Harry coupling, aside from me, who can no longer marry Prince Harry, is The Tig, Markle's lifestyle site that she shuttered last winter. The Tig gifted us with lots of great tips, recipes, playlists, and other Markle-sourced drops of wisdom, and though the site's been taken down, some of its offerings live on in the internet's archives — including Meghan Markle's tips for hosting the best Oscar Party, which'll come in handy come March 4.

I'm a huge fan of Oscar night, not because of the speeches or the dresses, all of which I've decided look and sound the same after a while, but because, like the Super Bowl, the Grammys, the Golden Globes, and Game of Thrones, it's an excuse to drink and eat themed finger foods with friends on what would be an otherwise depressing Sunday night. And while some people prepare for the Oscars by watching every nominated film, making scorecards, and praying to the Entertainment Powers That Be that their preferred nominees go home with a coveted statuette, I root for chaos. Last year's Moonlight/La La Land screw-up was my personal The Godfather Part II. Though, this year I'm really pulling for Get Out, which got screwed at the Golden Globes and deserves all the awards.

Anyway, here are Markle's tips for last year's show, courtesy of event planner Bronson van Wyck:

"Interview" your guests.

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Van Wyck suggests you give your guests "the Red Carpet treatment," i.e., ask them who they're wearing, who they want to see take home the Oscars, etc. Bonus points if you can get them to stumble through a statement on the Time's Up gender equality movement like the real stars do.

Decorate with red velvet.

Every good gathering needs a "theme," and since the most recognizable part of any awards show is the requisite Red Carpet, Van Wyck says you should outfit your party abode with plenty of thus-colored velvet. "For an Oscars party, I’ll swap my usual pillows for some in red velvet, add red flower arrangements and maybe a red cashmere throw still handy from the holidays to bring a hint of the red carpet to the viewing space," Van Wyck told Markle. I have never owned a single red velvet item or had the desire to do so, but you can probably get some usable material from Michael's if you take Van Wyck's advice.

Stock up on popcorn.

Van Wyck recommends keeping folks sated with crowd-pleasing snacks, and his preferred offering is popcorn, with a selection of toppings guests can sprinkle on at will. "No judging here — guests can pile on the cayenne, truffle oil, caramel, garlic salt, butter, chocolate, gummy bears—whatever their fancy," Van Wyck said. If your friends need something that sticks to their bones a bit better, Van Wyck points out that the celebs dine at In 'n Out post-awards, so you can whip up Animal Style burgers for your own guests in homage (I like to use this recipe at home).

Dress like the stars.

The only thing better than a Sunday night event party is a costume party, and the marriage of the two is a surefire way to reach soiree Nirvana. Van Wyck suggests doling out accessories so guests can dress up like their favorite Oscar nominee or winner, then force everyone to pose for a selfie a la Ellen Degeneres in 2014 (was that really four years ago???) Basically, buy a bunch of cheap blonde wigs and clip-on bow ties and have everyone give rambling, treacly speeches, and you've got an Oscar show!


No Oscar party is complete without themed cocktails, and both Van Wyck and I suggest making a bunch of drinks named after the Best Movie nominees. Last year's offerings included something called the "La La Lemon Southside," but this year consider serving up, say, Lady Bird Lemondrops, or a Shape of Firewater, or a Call Me By Your Old Fashioned. TBH, puns are not my thing, but I'm sure you can dream up something.