Meghan Markle Is Always Wearing These Two Dainty Bracelets & The Look Is So Copyable

by Summer Arlexis
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Another day, another opportunity for Prince Harry's future bride to crash a designer's website. Well, she didn't exactly cause trouble for a retailer's site this time. But Meghan Markle's cross and diamond bar bracelets have followers of the royal family on a manhunt for her jewelry, thanks to the soon-to-be princess's recent style moment.

The Markle effect, (read: Markle's ability to work the internet into a frenzy every time she gets dressed) is happening again. At this point, it's expected, given that the future royal always steps out in the trendiest garb. On her recent trip to Birmingham, Markle's style was more on point than ever, as she dazzled in a cashmere AllSaints turtleneck and a navy and white J.Crew Coat. The stylish outwear was surely the talk of the town, selling out on J.Crew's website in no time. But the minimalist arm candy Markle rocked that day is now getting some well-deserved attention.

Style watchers have zeroed in on the dainty pieces of jewelry wrapped around Markle's wrist and naturally, many are hoping to copy her effortless look. But snagging anything that a member of the royal family wears is never easy-peasy lemon-squeezy.

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After Markle was reportedly baptized into the Church of England in secret, she was spotted with jewelry that seemed to pay homage to the big day. She rocked a dainty cross and paired it with a diamond bar bracelet, for the ultimate, enviable style statement.

The layered look featured the Birks Rose Du Matin Diamond Horizontal Bar Bracelet, a $925 18-karat white gold piece that has since sold out on the retailer's website. There's still no word on the origins of the cross bracelet, but if it's draped on the body of a royal, it's safe to say that it's worth a hefty price tag, too.

Luckily, steep prices and sold out stamps don't have to hinder you on your quest to get the royal look. Layering à la Meghan Markle simply requires a couple of delicate pieces. If you know just where to look, it's really not hard to find similar jewelry that won't break the bank.

Interlock Cross Bracelet, $39, Stella & Dot

This delicate chain, featuring a horizontal cross is just about as close to Markle's jewelry as you can get without putting your funds in a chokehold.

Michael Kors Clear Bar Slide Bracelet, $95, Macys

A bar bracelet decked out in jewels will be the perfect compliment to your cross jewelry if you plan on copying Markle's look to a T.

Personalized Initial Bracelet, $30, Etsy

Guaranteed to look elegant with any of your wardrobe choices, this bar bracelet minus the blingy stones is still perfect for achieving the delicate, layered look.

Delicate Chain Bracelet, $1.90, Forever 21

With prices like these, you may as well load up on chain bracelets from Forever 21. Layer two to four of these babies to get the look of British royalty.

Cross Bracelet, $74.70, Kay Jewelers

If you can't bear to keep things super simple, a diamond cross still falls in line with Markle's look, while amping things up just a notch.

Yacht Bracelet Trio, $48, Bauble Bar

Layering like the future royal doesn't have to stick to crosses and bars, though. This trendy trio is proof that such dainty pieces can have flair when paired together perfectly.

Rhinestone Chain Bracelet, $3.90, Forever 21

An all rhinestone bracelet is quite the looker. It achieves the look without getting too excessive with bling.

Nadri Bar Pendant Necklace, $48, Nordstrom

You don't even have to stick to bracelets to try your hand at layering like Markle. Pair cross, bar, and other dainty neckwear together to get the look on your upper body, too.

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Everyone may not be able to drop a couple of thousands to get Markle's head-to-toe look— not to mention, her exact style choices are always selling out super fast. But as long as there are dainty jewelry options around, you arm candy can at least look like royalty.