Meghan Markle Just Broke Royal Fashion Rules Again Because She's A Style Rebel

by Summer Arlexis
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Let's be honest: Ever since Meghan Markle stepped onto the royal scene, she has been shaking things up. The soon-to-be duchess always seems to walk a thin line between following royal fashion etiquette and doing her own thing. So, when Markle's latest hat broke royal fashion protocol, it was almost to be expected.

If there's one thing you can definitively say about British royals, it's that they know how to dress their butts off. Their coat game is always Olivia Pope strong, their gowns are never short of immaculate, and let's not even get started on their handbags. Thanks to her enviable fashion sense, Prince Harry's bride-to-be fits right right in with the family of fashionistas, even though Meghan Markle has been known to break royal fashion rules a time or two. She has braved the streets sans pantyhose (gasp!), she once opted for a tote over a clutch, and she has even been photographed in a sheer-topped dress. But no matter what she adorns her body with, her style choices always crash designers' websites.

Now the rule breaker has done it again — this time with an oversized hat that was just as fashionable as it was unusual for a British aristocrat.

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No, Markle didn't step out in some fancy schmancy, over-the-top hat that was too wild to grace the head of a future royal. In fact, her wide-brimmed floppy hat was far simpler than the norm, the complete opposite of the embellished fascinators the royal family's women are known for sporting.

Making an appearance at official Anzac Day services, Markle's headpiece was a simple, yet chic choice. Paired with a Smythe power coat, a reserved black dress, a Gucci mini bag, and Sarah Flint pumps, the future bride was fashion goals.

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The laid back style choice differed from what royal women are known to do when it comes to their hats. Take Kate Middleton, for example, a duchess who has been known to pull some super formal fascinators out of her style bag.

Lace details, fur rims, floral accents, 3D bows, Middleton has done it all to keep her hat game going strong. She's always rocking such bold styles, coming in every hue, material, and size she can get hands on.

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Markle, on the other hand, seems to play it safe. Her Phillip Treacy felt hat featuring a spiraled, 3D accent was as close to Kate Middleton's fancy headwear as she ever got, but Markle doesn't appear to opt for bold pieces as often as her royal counterparts.

That isn't to say that her hats are always plain Jane. Her white beret that paid homage to Princess Diana was totally swoon-worthy. Then there's the little black fascinator accented with an embellished dragonfly that she wore for afternoon events during Anzac Day festivities. So, it's safe to say that she's up to speed with royal hat protocol.

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Still, girlfriend clearly does her own thing by toning it down when she wants to, and there's nothing wrong with that. After all, she has proven that she's quite the trendsetter, always causing a frenzy with whatever she wears. And sometimes, keeping things simple is the way to go.

Even it did go against the grain, the big, floppy hat was true to the Meghan Markle royal fanatics have come to know and love. She has been switching up royal protocol ever since the prospect of her entering the palace surfaced, and she has always looked so darn fab doing it.

Perhaps, she'll opt for more traditional garb once she officially enters the royal family. But then again, once a fashion rebel, always a fashion rebel.