New Boy Sam Shut Down Adam In The BEST Way On 'Love Island' & The Memes Are Glorious

Love Island/ITV

It looks like Love Island villain Adam Collard may be in for a rough ride over the next few days, or possibly even weeks. On Thursday night's episode, new islander Sam Bird walked into the villa, and boy did he make an entrance. Just moments after introducing himself to everyone, he went to town on Adam. And the memes of Adam and Sam's Love Island clash that flooded Twitter afterwards were glorious.

Judging by the reaction, it's safe to say a lot of viewers felt it was high time someone had the guts to take Adam to task about his recent treatment of Rosie Williams. By that, I'm talking about him smirking as she cried, having the audacity to ignore her all day, and calling her "desperate" to the other girls. Oh and then there was the fact that despite knowing how much he hurt Rosie, he waited until she was in plain sight to share his first kiss with Zara McDermott, despite the fact that he's still coupled up with Rosie. Not cool.

While Dani Dyer and Laura Anderson have been brave enough to challenge Adam about his awful behaviour, none of the male islanders have actually said a word. I mean seriously? WTF? But that all changed when Sam entered the villa, and meme Twitter was almost too shook to handle it.

Here's a clip of what went down when Sam arrived:

Cool, huh?

Prior to Sam's arrival, the islanders received a text promising a new boy would be entering the villa that evening. Samira Mighty read out: "Islanders, tonight a new boy will enter the villa and you will host a welcome party. #sundowntatsout #letthesinglesmingle". During a party later that night, Sam finally made his grand entrance and sat down with the majority of the Islanders for a chat. And, after being asked what prompted him to join this year's series of Love Island, Sam replied: "I've come in here to find love, and maybe try to teach Adam how to treat a lady right." Burn!

Here's how viewers on Twitter reacted to the drama in meme form:

But how did Adam himself react to Sam's comments?

Well, he appeared to take the barb quite well initially. Nonetheless, speaking in the Beach Hut later that evening, it seems the comment — as well as Sam himself — was still troubling Adam quite a bit. "The kid is going to try to get under my skin, but let the games begin," he said. "If he thinks he’s going to get one step ahead of me, he’s got another thing coming."

He added: "Honestly, if this boy’s going to come in and try and play the nicey nice act, it’s not going to last long. Because when he comes to having a chat with three different girls, people are going to see right through that." Erm, yeah, sure, OK hun.

Love Island/ITV

So, while it absolutely seems like Sam's comment may have bothered Adam more than he initially let on, what does Sam think of Adam now? Not a lot, it seems.

Speaking to some of his fellow male islanders, Sam explained exactly what it was about Adam that rubbed him the wrong way, and it appears it really was his treatment of Rosie that tainted Adam in his eyes. He said: "There’s like a bit of a weird situation with Rosie. Personally for me, I’ve got three sisters and if someone did that to one of my sisters, I’d be so annoyed. In my opinion, it looked like you used her. If I didn’t fancy someone and wanted to go for someone else, I would have approached them first. I’m just big on making sure girls’ feelings are alright. It’s just how I would have done it. That was what my comment was about."


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