Kanye West Fans Can't Stop Quoting This Verse From His New Single "Lift Yourself"

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images
By Rachel Ann Selvin

On April 27, Kanye West shocked the globe by tweeting a link to his hugely anticipated new single, "Lift Yourself" — the 40-year-old rapper's first drop since 2016's Life of Pablo album. And while fans seemed to appreciate the song's catchy, upbeat rhythm, memes & tweets about Kanye West's song "Lift Yourself" have already sparked true Internet-reaction gold — thanks to the song's "whoopity scoop" verse.

"Lift Yourself" follows West's long tradition of experimenting with the genre-bending musical innovation that's been the singer's trademark for years. But "Lift Yourself"'s final lines veer in a uniquely new direction for the rapper, playing on different variations of the words "whoop," "scoop," and "poop" that've left the Twitter-verse literally beside itself. About two-thirds of the way through the track, West raps the beginning the now-infamous verse that has inspired discussion and many tweets across the Internet.

But what they don't really realize
This next verse
This next verse though
These bars
Watch this
Woopitty scoop
Scoop ditty woop
Woopty scoopty poop
Poopty scoopty
Scoopty woop
Woopitty scoop woop poop
Poop ditty woop scoop
Poop, poop

Though West has yet to clarify the meaning of these mysteriously evocative words, stunned listeners were quick to try to fill in the blanks, flooding feeds with hilarious reactions to express just how confused the song left them feeling. Ahead, don't miss Twitter's most priceless reactions to this truly "woopty scoopty" pop culture moment.


Totally Unsure

Some users were totally unsure about how to digest "Lift Yourself"'s "poop ditty woop scoop" revelation...


Perfect Emotions

...while others felt it perfectly captured emotions they'd been struggling to express for two decades.


Felt That

A few found it just, like, viscerally true...


Inspiring A Dancing GIF

...and embraced its wackiness as their own.


There Have Been Multiple Listens

Maybe it really does grow on you after a few listens?


What Would The Bard Say?

Some were quick to point out the lyrical change Kanye's tracks have undergone, thanks to a few rhythmically-placed "poopty scoopty" rhymes.


Imagine Coachella

Others speculated that Coachella might be the next stop for West's new anthem. Honestly, after Beyoncé's otherworldy festival performances this year, it would be quite the change in tone.


Just A Picture & No Words

Some found it pretty hard to hide that they just weren't feeling it...


Not Really Having It

...and weren't hanging around for one more "poop ditty woop scoop."

Only Kanye West knows the true meaning of the verse, but fans are finding their own meaning of "Lift Yourself."