Fans Celebrated Kit Harington & Rose Leslie's Wedding With SO Many 'Game Of Thrones' References

by Sophy Ziss
Jeff Spicer/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Game of Thrones lovebirds Jon Snow and Ygritte — uh, sorry, Kit Harington and Rose Leslie — made it official when they tied the knot on Saturday, June 23 in Scotland. They were surrounded by friends, family, and costars, and the internet went bonkers for it. Game of Thrones fans celebrated Kit Harington and Rose Leslie's wedding with memes and tweets all day, because, let's be honest: Everyone deserves a Game of Thrones wedding that ends happily — no trap involved.

Fan support for the couple poured in on Twitter, with the most enthusiastic among them falling into several major categories in order to celebrate the couple's wedding day. GoT fans and Jon/Ygritte shippers went all-out for this blessed day as the two of the show's stars — and former on-screen love interests — wed. Can you blame them? After the couple first got together in 2012 — onscreen and off — it was everything. After rumors flew, the denials began, and then the insistence that they weren't together, but everyone saw right through it. Eventually, Harington and Leslie admitted they were super adorable, perfect, and in love, and now they're 2gether 4ever! Awwww.

Here's how fans celebrated Harington and Leslie's special day on social media.

There are the tweets that refer to it as the real Royal Wedding of 2018

Sorry, Duke and Duchess of Sussex. People have just had more time to appreciate this slow-burning romance. Not that fans wouldn't stan a whirlwind affair, of course, but there's just something about watching Jon Snow and Ygritte make it for real after a long, romantic relationship that's just so satisfying.

Then there are the ones that got really into a Game of Thrones catchphrase

For the record, for the record, he always did know one thing. And an important one, at that. Wink. Honestly, a quick search of "Jon Snow Nothing" will yield literally a thousand results of people making the same version of this joke. And they're all good. They're precious and pure and good. By the way, does anyone know if Leslie will be putting her dress up on TheRealReal for fans to purchase afterwards? Or maybe the veil and darling floral headpiece? Asking for a friend.

A few folks are emotionally affected by the news, which is understandable

It's a lot to handle! Two gorgeous, hilarious, modest, and cult-favorite humans getting married is a joy; there's no two ways about it. Throw in the generosity — Game of Thrones famously shut down its production to ensure everyone could attend — and mix it in a bowl with the beautiful setting (a Scottish castle that belongs to Leslie's family!). It's a recipe for a wedding so enchanting, Pinterest couldn't have dreamed up a better one.

And of course, there are fan tweets about Jon Snow and Ygritte getting the wedding that most of their on-screen companions do not

You know, a wedding without tragedy or murder, which happens often on-screen on Game of Thrones. Like, you'd at least expect some blood at a Game of Thrones wedding — or maybe some inappropriate joking, or light poisoning? Alas, it seems as if everything went beautifully for off-screen Kit Harington and Rose Leslie. No demonstrations of power, or twists, or Lannisters sending regards — except, perhaps, for guest Peter Dinklage — spoiled the wedding. It truly looks as if the wedding was just a magical day for everyone involved.

So, congratulations to the Stark, but secret Targaryen, and at least half-Wildlings without last names family. As of today they have united for good. To the King and Queen in the North! Mance Rayder would be so proud.