Tweets About The Jonas Brothers’ New Album Prove They Didn't Let Down Their OG Fans

Cindy Ord/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images and emwagwieb/Twitter

Before 2019, a Jonas Brothers comeback was off the world's radar. But many fans always believed in Kevin, Joe, and Nick. That devotion has paid off based on the memes and tweets about the Jonas Brothers' Happiness Begins. Most of the discussion online about the Jonas Brothers dropping their new album on Friday are all about how the brothers still got it. It's been a decade since the Jonas Brothers released their last studio album, Lines, Vines and Trying Times, so fans are understandably reminiscing about those days. But they're also feeling pretty validated that the Jonas Brothers didn't disappoint.

The Jonas Brothers were a pop-rock, Disney-approved phenomenon when they hit the music scene in 2005. But as they recently reflected on to Harper's Bazaar, they split on rather bad terms in 2013. (Joe even compared it to the dog in the burning house meme.) So the brothers' epic reunion in 2019 has been particularly satisfying. Fans of the group might have been teased over the years for loving the JoBros, but the reaction to Happiness Begins proves that the doubters and the wait were all worth it. Because on their new album, the Jonas Brothers have recaptured the magic that made fans falls in love with them in the first place.

Growing With The Brothers

Like many of their fans, Kevin, Joe, and Nick were only teenagers when they made it big. So Happiness Begins lets you experience another era of your life with the Jonas Brothers by your side.

It Was Worth The Wait

The Jonas Brothers made a decade fly by.

Moved To Tears

You might be an adult now, but fans are bawling like babies.

You Can Still Marry A Jonas Brother, Right?

If you crushed on them before, you'll be crushing on them again — especially after you hear "Love Her." Just don't tell their wives.

We've Gone Back In Time

People who waited for the album to drop at midnight on June 7 might feel like they hopped into a time machine to make this happen.

Feel The Unity

Twitter was around in 2009, but online culture has changed significantly in the last decade and now listening to JoBros is even more of a collective effort.

New Fan Love

Even people who haven't stanned the Jonas Brothers from the beginning are loving the new album.

It Wasn't A Phase

Did people blow off your Jonas Brothers love back in the day? Well, on "Rollercoaster," they themselves address the people who dismissed them by singing, "We weren't just a phase/We weren't just pretend."

Get Ready To Be Happy-Sad

The album may have "happiness" in the title, but you'll be feeling a flurry of emotions.

Touch That Happiness & Hold On

Fans will always be grateful for this comeback.

The Nostalgia Is Real

The album may stand on its own in 2019, but that doesn't mean you won't be nostalgic AF while listening.

The Fandom Has Reason To Rejoice

The Jonas Brothers make the music, but fans can feel good too for helping them be a success.

Is That You, Kevin?

You might have been super pumped to hear the elusive Kevin singing on "Hesitate," but the verdict is that it's probably Joe.

They Truly Came Back With This Comeback

Sure, "Comeback" is probably a love song. But the last song on the album may have you thinking the Jonas Brothers are singing about coming back to their fans.

While it's typically easy to look back to the past and think that things were better, the Jonas Brothers with Happiness Begins have clearly reminded fans that there are some good things in the present too.