This Zodiac Sign Will Have Romantic Drama This Mercury Retrograde, According To An Astrologer

by Kaitlyn Wylde
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From Jul. 7 to Jul. 31, Mercury is in retrograde — but I probably didn't need to remind you of that, because signs of Mercury retrograde being alive and well are literally all around us. As many of us know, Mercury retrograde generally causes communication issues, travel setbacks, frustrations, and technological malfunctions — all things that are never fun to deal with. That said, it's a great excuse to perfect your crisis management skills, amirite? The way the retrograde effects each sign is a bit different, so to find out some Mercury retrograde summer 2019 predictions for Aries zodiac signs, Bustle talked to astrologer Kyle Thomas, who gave some good insight into what the ram can expect. Aries humans might be strong willed, but no one is immune to the effects of the planet's motion and Aries best traits might work against them during this time.

Aries, the creative, feisty, progressive and passionate sign that loves to forge forward without a plan whenever possible is going to have a rough time resisting old temptations during Mercury's retrograde, as its backward motion is going to challenge their ~fire~. According to Thomas, Aries is not going to get that new progressive energy and inspiration that it craves. Instead, Aries is going to be pushed onto a path down memory lane. "Mercury, planet of communication, will be turning backwards in their sector of romance, love, art, and children for the first part of the retrograde season," Thomas tells Bustle. "You could be feeling nostalgic about an ex or even randomly reconnecting with one. If you're looking to reignite something, this is a fated time, but if you want to leave the past in the past, find a way to bring it to rest and let it go," Thomas explains, illuminating the totally non-progressive source of inspiration that could actually be more detrimental to Aries than helpful.


As for the non-romantic stressful themes that Aries will be exploring, Thomas warns that later in the month, when Mercury spins backwards into your sector of home and family, "you may be wanting to reconnect with these people or having a few crossed swords with them," which will bring up a lot of feelings.

That said, it's really nothing Aries can't handle. Thomas says that these familial feelings will fade and pass, so if you can hold your tongue before digging into a family member, try to, as the urge to open up a stressful topic might pass. But if you can't resist, it will serve as healing and learning experience, so either way, you're going to be just fine when Mercury starts moving in an apparent forward motion again. Despite the fact that you might ~feel~ like your personal life will be in shambles, it really won't.


TL;DR? Mercury is going to tempt you to reopen lines to your exes or to family members you have conflict with. If you can, avoid it — but if you can't avoid it, be productive and use it as an opportunity to mend fences and strengthen connections, both past and present.