Miley Cyrus Gave A Post-Split Update Via Vacation Pics & Britney Spears Lyrics

Neilson Barnard/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Akin to one of her most popular songs, a newly single Miley Cyrus is spending time climbing mountains following her split with ex Kaitlynn Carter. Over the past few days, Cyrus shared family vacation photos from a trip to Zion National Park with her mom Tish and her older sister Brandi. If Cyrus' captions for the pics (which included lyrics from herself and Britney Spears) are any indication, she's definitely moving on.

On Saturday, Sept. 21, a source told People that Cyrus and Carter reportedly broke up after a PDA-filled month of non-stop hanging out. "They're still friends," the insider clarified to the magazine. "They've been friends forever and were there for each other when they were both getting separated, but they’re just not in a romantic relationship anymore." (Bustle previously reached out to Cyrus and Carter's reps for comment, but did not hear back.)

This marked the second split for both women in the past few months. Carter announced she and Brody Jenner parted ways on Aug. 2, and Cyrus' now ex-husband Liam Hemsworth filed for divorce from the singer just a few weeks later. That may sound like a lot happening at once, but Cyrus tweeted after the Hemsworth split that she's "the healthiest and happiest [she has] been in a long time," and ultimately, she's putting herself first.

Cyrus, Tish, and Brandi posted a bunch of pictures from their trip to Zion, a national park in Utah that's famous for its steep and vibrant red cliffs. Visitors can see the cliffs up-close by hiking through the Narrows, which is where the family took most of their photos. Cyrus captioned one shot, "But if you look at me closely ... you can see it in my eyes .... this girl will always find .... her way." If that sounds familiar, that's because they're lyrics from Spears' "I'm Not A Girl, Not Yet A Woman."

Back in 2001, Spears said the song was about a "transitional stage in life," which is fitting for Cyrus. Her August split from Hemsworth marked the end of a 10-year on-and-off-again relationship. And as Cyrus' rep said in a statement at the time, "Ever-evolving, changing as partners and individuals, they have decided this is what's best while they both focus on themselves and careers." Tying into this theme of "evolving," Cyrus captioned another mountain pic with her own "The Climb" lyrics: "KEEP ON MOVIN’ KEEP CLIMBIN'."

Beyond this recent vacation, Cyrus has long-shared a close bond with both Brandi and Tish, and even gave Tish a shoutout in her song, "Mother's Daughter" from her most recent EP, She Is Coming. While Cyrus sings that she's just that — her mother's daughter — Tish claims they're actually pretty different women. "Miley is who she is, and honestly I don't know where she got that, because I'm a little more sensitive," Tish told Refinery29 in May 2017. "But somehow I did raise a strong, amazing person that’s self-confident and really doesn't care what people think."

Cyrus post-breakup outlook further proves her mom's point. Even though she's been through a lot recently, she's clearly more than capable of taking care of herself.