Miley Cyrus & Emily Osment Had A Virtual 'Hannah Montana' Reunion With Their Dogs

Miley Cyrus and Emily Osment in Hannah Montana
Isabella Vosmikova/Walt Disney Television/Getty Images

Miley Cyrus is trying to spread a little light during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic with her daily Instagram Live show, Bright Minded. Noting that social distancing at home is a great time to reconnect virtually with old friends, Cyrus hosted a Hannah Montana reunion with her costar Emily Osment on Monday's show. Osment and Cyrus played BFFs Lilly Truscott and Miley Stewart on the Disney Channel TV series for four seasons, and they used their reunion to not only reminisce about the good old days, but also to spread awareness about animal welfare during the coronavirus.

Every weekday at 11:30 am PT for the past week, Cyrus has been hosting Bright Minded on Instagram Live in an effort to "stay LIT with love in dark times." For her March 23 episode, Cyrus and Osment gave fans a bit of brightness with their nostalgia-filled reunion. This included Cyrus bringing out some "pretty embarrassing pictures" of them from their Hannah Montana years for Osment to react to, including a photo of Lola using hand sanitizer on Hannah — very appropriate for the current times. Cyrus previously shared clips from Hannah Montana as amusing educational videos about coronavirus etiquette and claimed to Osment that there's "a theory that Hannah the show predicted everything that was ever going to happen in life."

After sharing an old puppy-themed photo shoot for Teen Vogue, the Hannah Montana stars then switched to discuss how the COVID-19 crisis is impacting pets and animals in shelters. Though they stressed that people should make sure they're financially stable to adopt a pet before taking one on, they both encouraged fans to help animals and animal shelters during this time — in whatever way possible. Cyrus added that she thought "the best way to draw attention to man's best friend is to bring in the best friend duo, that always encouraged people to do what's best, to do what's right."

The former costars also had their dogs in the video with one of Cyrus' pups virtually meeting his cousin — Osment's dog Joseph, who has his own Instagram account. The Almost Family star also promised to share a little puppy grooming session for Joseph, which she did on her Instagram Stories.

For past episodes of Bright Minded, special guests like Demi Lovato, Amy Schumer, and Hailey Bieber have already "stopped by" (read: video chatted in) as the CDC recommends social distancing and staying at home during the COVID-19 pandemic. But once it's safe to interact again, Cyrus, Osment, and their pups will owe Hannah Montana fans a real reunion in person.

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