Milk Makeup's Weed-Themed Beauty Line Is Expanding In A MAJOR Way

Milk Makeup/Instagram

Before CBD seemed to be on every shelf with a product from every brand, there was Milk Makeup. The beauty and skin care line was on the forefront of the trend in April 2018 when it launched its Kush Mascara. Now, Milk Makeup's Kush Collection is expanding with even more CBD-based products coming fans' way.

If you haven't shopped Milk Makeup's Kush products in the past, now is the time to start. The brand's line includes items like their well-known Mascara and brow gel as well as lip balms, and now there's going to be even more for fans to love.

In an exciting but maybe not surprising part of the expansion, Milk is launching a brand new waterproof version of their famous Kush Mascara. Don't worry, though, fans. The lash lengthening formula won't change in one particularly important way. The waterproof mascara is still vegan thanks to the cannabis seed oil inside which works to bond the fibers to the lash. In a fun twist on the lash enhancing product, the fibers which help to thicken the lash, are actually shaped like hearts. As for the price, the new Kush Waterproof Mascara will retail for the same price as the original ringing in at $24.

The new waterproof formula isn't the only new expansion specifically for the mascara. Milk has also created a brand new Kush Lash Primer. If you thought that the mascara gave you length and volume, just wait. The new primer features the same heart-shaped fibers as the waterproof mascara and works to condition the lashes while providing plumping power prior to application. Like the new waterproof mascara, the Kush Lash Primer will retail for $24.

Of course, there's another well-known member of the Kush family, Milk's Fiber Brow Gel. The brow filling product is a favorite among beauty lovers with a nearly five star Sephora rating and 30,000 loves. Now, thanks to the new Kush expansion, the gel will expand to offer eight different shades with five new shades which include MJ: a cool blonde, Dub: an auburn hue, Herb: a neutral brown, Cypher: warm deep brown, and Diesel: a cool dark brown/black.

The three new products from Milk round out their Kush collection when it comes to eyes, but they aren't the brands only products infused with CBD — far from it.

The brand's Kush line also features a variety of lip products alongside the new waterproof mascara, brow gel, and primer. The brand's Kush Lip Balm utilizes the same Cannabis Sativa oil to nourish and hydrate lips and back in March four new tinted shades of the balm launched. Then, there's the Kush Lip Glaze. The clear glossy product can be used as a lip mask to help your lips retain moisture or as a topper to a lip color.

If you're already in love with Milk Makeup's Kush Mascara and Fiber Brow Gel, the brand's latest launches are sure to make your day. With a shade extension in the Fiber Brow Gel, a new waterproof formula in the mascara, and a brand to primer to mega-lengthened lashes, it's definitely time to go shopping.