Millennials Put Off Travel Plans More Than Any Other Generation, This New Poll Says

I'm not afraid to admit that I'm a world-class procrastinator. Whether it's snoozing my alarm an unreasonable amount of times, not listening to my voicemails for months, or postponing plans to take the vacation of my dreams to Paris and London, I find that it's way too easy to constantly put things off. Well, it turns out I'm not alone, and I can actually blame these habits on my generation status as a millennial. Based on new research conducted by YouGov PLC., American millennials are being dubbed the "maybe tomorrow" generation due to our penchant for non-stop procrastination (I feel very seen, and very much less alone!). One of the most significant findings was that millennials are majorly slacking when it comes to planning vacations from work and checking things off their bucket lists as compared to other generational groups (the irony that this is also the generation that has fully embraced FOMO is not lost on me). And I get it, because I've fantasized about taking an epic, multi-country Euro trip a zillion times but haven't actually made it happen yet. Ugh. Life and making money and spending money and traveling and being a millennial can just be overwhelming sometimes, OK?

Well, good news: The tourism agencies for the famous and beloved vacation destinations London, England and Paris, France have joined forces for the first time in hopes of making it easier for millennials to take a dream vacation and visit both cities at once. The campaign from Visit London and the Paris Tourist Office — aptly called London and Paris — aims to make both cities into one combined "megacity" that can easily be explored in a single, rewarding visit that only requires one round trip plane ticket and train fare on the Eurostar between London and Paris.

It's kind of perfect for a generation of vacation-postponing young Americans, given that millennials are making less money than their parents and apparently has some issues with procrastination. “Vacation procrastination seems to be a very real problem, with more people than ever putting off taking a break to check experiences off their bucket lists. We want to change that," said Laura Citron, Chief Executive of Visit London, in a statement. "[V]isitors can flit easily between the two European capitals and uncover all they have to offer." Why not do it all in one go, right? After all, it might be a while before you get around to planning another trip.

What makes visiting London and Paris in "one epic trip" so dang easy is the ability to travel via Eurostar, a high-speed railway that connects London with various other European cities. The Eurostar connects the two destinations in a simple ride that's just over two hours long. This makes it quick and economical for travelers to to go back and forth — meaning that, yes, you can attempt to catch a Meghan Markle/Prince Harry sighting at Kensington Palace in London during the day, and then go spend the evening drinking champagne under the Eiffel Tower. You could even do a day trip to Paris and be back in London by bed time! Talk about an epic vacation.

Plus, these two iconic cities are total hotbeds for culture, fun, and Instagram-worthy locales. Between London and Paris, there are tens of thousands of restaurants, hundreds of museums, theaters, and parks, nearly 500 nightclubs, and literally countless epic selfie opportunities, (cause you know you'll be documenting this trip like crazy). And obviously, these cities are also insanely rich in history and culture, and combined share more than 2,350 listed monuments, so you can see all the classic Parisian and Londonian sights.

And while typical tourist destinations like restaurants, historical sites, and nightlife are must-dos, there's also a ton to see on a trip to the "megacity" for those of you who have more niche interests, too. If you're always seeking a touch of whimsy (or perhaps just a quirky Instagram shot), you can check out the cute, colorful houses and quaint cobblestone roads on Butte aux Cailles and Portobello Road. If you're into dark tourism and all things spooky, you're also in luck — you can walk through any of the 54 allegedly ghost-filled abandoned underground stations in London, or hop on the train to Paris to see millions of skeletons inside the city's famous Catacombs.

According to reports, only less than 10 percent of American millennials have actually visited London and Paris, but a whopping 72 percent express a desire to do so in a single trip — so thankfully, it's now easier than ever to knock out both cities in one go without the hassle of trying to plan multiple trips. We may be the "maybe tomorrow" generation, but let's all avoid the FOMO later and start planning our dream London/Paris trips now.