Millie Bobby Brown Met Kim Kardashian & The Photos Will Make You Love Them Even More

The actor Millie Bobby Brown is best known for her role as Eleven on the Netflix hit Stranger Things. What she's next best known for, though, is a deep and abiding love for all things Kardashian-Jenner. It turns out that Millie Bobby Brown met Kim Kardashian, finally, and the photos are flawless. Bible!

Brown has long discussed her admiration for the Kardashian family in public. In January 2018, she tweeted that she wanted Kourtney Kardashian to "shake her salad", which is obviously a reference to the glorious, giant salads the sisters are always eating on the show. Brown also posted a video to her Instagram that shows her imitating some of the Keeping Up With The Kardashians catchphrases. It's pretty adorable. Almost as adorable as the fact that Brown and Kim posed for selfies together IRL.

Imagine for one moment that you're a young actor, and that you love the Kardashian-Jenner crew so much that you're happy to take time out of your own November 2017 appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to talk about them. Why plug your own projects, when you can gush about your favorite TV shows on a national platform, right? Brown's appreciation for KUWTK is no joke, and the siblings are well aware of it. They've always acknowledged Brown's love for them on social media, but it was lucky Kim who finally met Brown for real.

Brown posted the incredible photos to her Instagram story on Friday, March 30. It looks like she and Kardashian are in a makeup studio together, so it's not totally clear what they're doing. Is one prepping for a photoshoot, and the other happened to be nearby? How did they figure it out? Do they text? Please, please, let it be true that Kim Kardashian and Millie Bobby Brown text each other.

Anyway, the two queens posed for selfies together with filters from Snapchat, because obviously they did. Is there any other way to take instantly viral selfies? Certainly not. Brown looks overjoyed to be there, and Kim K looks psyched as well. It appears that Kim is wearing a robe from Smashbox studios, so perhaps she's preparing to film something, and Brown happened to be in the neighborhood. It's easy to go full conspiracy theory here, but without any info from the stars themselves, it's safe to assume they're just new BFFs. Whether Kourtney was also present for a light, healthy lunch pre-photoshoot remains to be seen. Brown captioned the photos "Happy Friday!" and tagged Kim K's Instagram account, all casual. As if fans wouldn't know what a huge deal this is for her.

In case you need a refresher, here is a history of the love-fest between Brown and the Kardashian sisters, in four posts:

Okurrr? The mutual appreciation is real. So, so real. Even if Brown admits that her mom doesn't (openly) love the show, and the Stranger Things actor was born in England three years before the series premiered in America, her devotion to the show is proof that Keeping Up With The Kardashians has something for everyone. Even award-winning, Nicki Minaj-rapping, inspirational speech-making, incredibly talented young actors who were born an ocean away from Kamp Kardashian still keep up with the family. And why wouldn't they? They're the best.

There's something to be said, though, about the cognitive dissonance caused by Brown's fervent love for Kim K. When fans think of Netflix's Stranger Things, they think dark, spooky, sci-fi, and extremely '80s. You're not likely to find any of that in a regular episode of E!'s reality hit. One might not think there's a ton of overlap between Brown and Kourtney, Kim, or Khloé Kardashian, but that's part of why a cute story like this is so fun. Bible. Whether fans can expect an Eleven cameo on the next season of KUWTK is anyone's guess. Wait, what about a Kardashian kameo in Hawkins, Indiana? Now that would be to die.