Milo Ventimiglia's New Show Sounds Like A Must-Watch For 'Law & Order' Fans


Red alert, Milo stans: The This Is Us star is working on a new show. Variety reported on Thursday that Milo Ventimiglia is producing Greenlit, a police drama for NBC. But don't get up in arms just yet — he won't be leaving the Pearson fam any time soon. The new series is strictly behind the camera (at least for now), and This Is Us has been renewed through Season 3, so Jack should have plenty of screen time still to come.

According to Variety, the project is a procedural centered on a highly skilled task force comprised of five federal agents with backgrounds in the FBI, Secret Service, IRS, and SWAT. They're responsible for protecting members of law enforcement who have been targeted for murder (a.k.a. “greenlit") by different criminal organizations. It's a far cry from the heart-tugging melodrama of This Is Us, but it should be right up the alley of crime TV fans. If you like Law & Order, Criminal Minds, or the like, add this to your watch list.

Besides, Ventimiglia has a versatile track record. He's worked on everything from beloved mother-daughter dramedy Gilmore Girls to sci-fi fantasy Heroes, and he's also produced for shows, including Go90 rom-com Relationship Status, Crackle thriller Chosen, and the CW Seed's supernatural parody The P.E.T. Squad Files.

Plus, the team behind Greenlit has worked together on a similarly crime-focused effort before. Here, Ventimiglia will serve as an executive producer alongside Russ Cundiff, Andrew Lenchewski (Royal Pains) and Kevin O'Hare, who will also write the script. Last October, they also sold a script to Fox for a series called Kin, which was set to follow a tight-knit Florida law-enforcement family who become the primary suspects in the disappearance of a notorious drug cartel leader. (Though with this news, it's unclear where that show stands).

So yes, Ventimiglia is putting another project under his belt, but don't fret: There's plenty of Milo to go around, and it sounds like he's been trying to break into this genre for a while.