Mom-Shaming Amanda For Being On 'Bachelor In Paradise' Is So Uncalled For

Bob D'Amico/ABC

Bachelor In Paradise is like one big Bachelor Nation reunion — only on this show and on the Bachelor weddings do we get to see so many rejected people from one franchise. One of those familiar faces is Amanda Stanton, who was on Ben’s season of The Bachelor, as well as Bachelor In Paradise 3. Love didn’t work out for her then, but that doesn’t mean that she shouldn’t keep trying. Amanda has every right to be on Bachelor In Paradise 4. Even if she has kids.

Amanda and Ben didn’t make it through the hometown dates, and even though Amanda left Bachelor In Paradise 3 engaged to Andi Dorfman ex Josh Murray, Amanda is currently single. She and Josh split early in 2017, and now she’s looking for love in possibly all the wrong places. Despite the fact I don’t think that reality television is necessarily the best way to find someone to marry, Amanda can be on Bachelor In Paradise 4 if she wants to be. I know that she has two daughters at home (they are frequently in her Instagram posts and they are super cute), but some people on Twitter seem to feel like she should be with them 24/7 — and mom-shaming her isn't cool.

People Told Her To Go Home

Yeah, because she can't ever take a vacation *rolls eyes*

People Accused Her Of Hating Her Children

Newsflash: Going on vacation doesn't mean you hate your kids.

People Called Into Question How Much She Talked About Them

We don't even see everything that was filmed anyway, and also this is none of our business.

People Judged Her Choices

Um, ouch? Frankly, it’s not really anyone’s business what Amanda chooses to do with her life. (Not to mention that Paradise only films for a matter of weeks — so she's not even gone that long) The way I see it, this is a working mom situation — Amanda and all of the other Bachelor In Paradise contestants make money off of this show (and all the other shows), and this is how she’s pulling in a paycheck. Do any of the Bachelor In Paradise dads get hate for leaving their children at home while they work? I doubt that’s the case. Being a Bachelor contestant is lucrative, especially if you know how to monetize your fame into Instagram (which Amanda definitely does). It would be silly not to! Amanda is looking for love and earning a living for her family, and we should all trust that she is raising her kids responsibly and doing what’s best for them. She’s their mom — not the Internet.