OG Fans Are Not Going To Be Happy About Morgan On 'Fear The Walking Dead'

Van Redin/AMC

Spoilers ahead for Fear The Walking Dead. Season 5 of Fear The Walking Dead was fairly tame, up until the final blow of a finale on Sept. 29. After Virginia shot him at Humbug's Gulch, Morgan might've died on Fear The Walking Dead and it's really tragic news for fans.

True to the season's Western theme, Ginny wanted Morgan dead or alive, but ultimately decided on the former. She got what she wanted: new people for her community. After that, there wasn't much use for Morgan in her eyes... especially if he might lead her people in a rebellion against her.

"I've gotta protect the future, which is why I'm loathe to repeat the past," Ginny said, before shooting him in the shoulder. She was aiming for the head, but Morgan deflected the bullet with his stick. Ginny then tried to kill him a second time, but was out of ammunition and fled the scene. As he sat on a stoop bleeding out, a group of walkers arrived. Morgan is technically alive in the final moments of the episode and could theoretically make it out alive, but it really doesn't look good for the fan favorite.

There is one potential clue that Morgan survived: that alleged crossover with The Walking Dead that already happened, but takes place in the spin-off's future. If that really was Morgan on the other end of that radio transmission (below), then he may just live after all; because we haven't yet heard any of these snippets on the Fear side of things. The confusing timeline might actually be good news for once.

That said, it is wise for fans to prepare for the worst. If this really is the end of Morgan Jones in the Walking Dead universe, is this a fitting end for his character or not? On one hand, dying alone feels appropriately tragic for him. Since the very beginning of The Walking Dead, Morgan has struggled with his own reclusive instincts. Now, after finding a new community with Fear The Walking Dead, he was finally able to grieve his family and start putting down roots of his own. He was even able to tell Grace how he felt about her, even if he wasn't 100 percent sure what those feelings were.

Unfortunately, on shows like this, that kind of growth often means that your story is over and it's time to die.

On the other hand, Ginny is not formidable enough as a foe to be the one that took Morgan down for good. They barely know each other. "I just resent your face so much," she said to Morgan — which seems like an absurd thing to say to someone you just met. When Negan killed Glenn on The Walking Dead, it didn't seem fair for such an established character to die at the hands of a brand new Big Bad — and Ginny is not half as scary or good at combat as Negan.

Van Redin/AMC

Maybe, just maybe, Morgan will survive to the Season 6 premiere. Characters on both Fear The Walking Dead and the original series have gotten themselves out of worse scrapes. He could regain his strength in time to take out the zombies stumbling towards him and call for help. Someone could be lurking in Humbug's Gulch, unseen by Ginny and her crew. There is still hope.

Morgan has been a welcome addition to Fear The Walking Dead in the past two seasons. He lead the group in exciting new directions and finally worked on his own mental wellness.

Sadly, this may be the end of his road, but until there is more news, Morgan's fate remains a cliffhanger.