Morphe's 35O Palette Is Only $15 At Ulta Right Now

Calling all beauty lovers, palette hoarders, and makeup rookies. Morphe's 35O Palette is $15 at Ulta (at least for now), and this is not a drill.

Every now and then, the beauty community is blessed with a unicorn, a palette that's affordable AF without sacrificing high-end quality. One of those majestic beauties is Morphe's 35-shadow Color Nature Glow eyeshadow palette, also known as the glorious 35O. But let's not get things twisted. The brand's entire inventory is a jackpot. From the ever-popular Jaclyn Hill Palette that was so good it had to switch over from limited-edition to permanent to the recently launched blush palettes that had makeup junkies swooning, everything Morphe stamps its name onto is a winner. That's why news of Morphe finally coming to Ulta Beauty was such an amazing gift from the makeup gods. It meant that the brand that once restricted consumers to shopping online would now have their incredible goodies available to try in person.

Now, Ulta is stealing the hearts of Morphe fans once again by discounting a brand favorite with an under $20 sale. If you haven't snatched up this palette of essential hues already, here's your chance to get the 35O while it's affordably hot.

Get a load of the $23 beauty whose price tag now totes an $8 reduction. The palette was already so worth it before, never truly threatening your bank account, but the sale price makes it all the more enticing.

The game-changer packs a super pigmented punch, loaded with every neutral and earthy pop of color your lids would ever need. It features an array of warm shimmers and mattes, from beautiful golds to essential transitional hues to rustic oranges.

Whether it's the everyday shade range or amazing blendability, the 35O is a palette you'd be fortunate to own, especially for a discounted rate. Just take the word of beauty lovers that swear by the earthy palette, if you're on the fence about making a small investment.

You could say that again. Morphe has a real diamond on their hands that appeals to neutral shadow lovers like no other.

Make the purchase and you won't regret it, as this gem is the be-all and end-all of neutral palettes. The pan sizes are huge and it includes everything for a comprehensive look, so what more could you ask for?

For many who already own it, the palette changes EV-ER-Y-THING.

And let's not even get started on the prospect of using a coupon with your purchase. As it turns out, you could snag the palette for much less than $15. Score!

The 35O has topped many wishlists for a reason, people. It's the neutral stunner of a lifetime, so just get the damn palette already.

It's not every day that Morphe goes on sale at Ulta, considering the brand hasn't been in the mega beauty store for long, so it's worth taking advantage of the $15 deal while there's still time. The sale won't last forever and the chances of the 35O selling out are high given its status as a holy grail palette.