Natalie Portman's Makeup Artist Used A Silicone Sponge For The SAG Awards

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

They've been rising in popularity lately, and it looks like A-list stars and their makeup artists are starting to get in on the cutting edge new applicators — you see, Natalie Portman used a silicone makeup sponge for her SAG Awards look. She was as drop dead gorgeous as ever, and it turns out that she actually used the silicone MakeupDrop to help achieve her look.

Silicone makeup sponges went viral a few months ago as the new it-product superstar — they're much like the ever-popular Beautyblender, except since they're not technically sponges, they're much easier to clean. Another bonus? The smooth-yet-squishy surface applies makeup evenly, for a smooth, flawless look — plus, they don't actually soak up any product, which in turn leads to less waste.

Celebrity makeup artist Pati Dubroff was the mastermind behind Portman's stunning look at the SAG Awards, and she took to Instagram to gush about her new sponge, and post a video of it in action. "I am clearly impressed," she said, "I love to use sponges to apply foundation, but hate how they absorb so much product and can be difficult to clean. #workingwithmakeupdrop is about to change the game! @themakeupdrop is easy to clean silicone and non toxic! #GAMECHANGER."

As you can see from the video, the sponge itself is pretty darn adorable. And if you take a look at Portman's complexion, the results speak for themselves.

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Interested in giving the new product a try for yourself? They're currently available online for $19.99.

The MakeupDrop, $19.99,

The MakeupDrop joins the ranks of similar silicone sponges, like the Silisponge that first went viral via Reddit:

Silisponge, $14.90,

There's also always the Evie Blender , which is currently available for preorder on Indiegogo, if you're more in the mood for something sparkly.

Evie Blender, $28,

What do you think? Will you be taking a leaf from Portman and Dubroff's book? Sounds like the whole new silicone makeup sponge trend might just be worth a try! And hey, if you're in a pinch, you can always use a bra insert to apply your makeup instead (seriously).