Maya Rudolph Was The Person Who Introduced Natasha Lyonne To Fred Armisen

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With their off-the-wall projects and personalities, Natasha Lyonne and Fred Armisen are always putting themselves out there. But their relatively low-key relationship usually comes into the spotlight during awards season. In fact, most of Lyonne and Armisen's relationship timeline is comprised of their awards show appearances, thanks to their shenanigans on the red carpet. But their relationship goes much deeper than just getting freakily supernatural on big Hollywood nights.

Before these performers began dating, Armisen had been married twice before — to English musician Sally Timms from 1998 to 2004 and American actor Elisabeth Moss from 2009 to 2011. In interviews, Armisen has confessed that he wasn't very good in committed relationships, telling Howard Stern in 2013 that he was a "terrible husband" to Moss. As The Daily Beast reported, Armisen also told Marc Maron that his marriage to Moss ended due to his infidelity.

Lyonne explained her issues with monogamy to Bust magazine back in 2001. "I think monogamy was created by men because of jealousy and their need for ownership, but now it's viewed as the weak neediness of women, and that pretty much sucks for us," Lyonne said. But for her part, she said she had no issues with commitment and that rather "there are very few people I like on the planet" for her to be monogamous. And, over the years, she has mentioned exes in interviews.

But as the below relationship timeline shows, Armisen and Lyonne have apparently been happily committed to one another and having a blast since 2014.

Sometime Between 2001-2006: They Meet Thanks To Mutual Friend Maya Rudolph

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In her cover story with Glamour from September 2019, Lyonne said that her pal Maya Rudolph had introduced her to Armisen years ago. But Lyonne admitted she didn't recollect the meeting due to her drug use. Lyonne and Rudolph met in 2001 and EW reported Lyonne entered rehab in 2006 and became sober, so they most likely met in the early aughts. No matter the date, Lyonne remembered Armisen and Rudolph visiting her at her apartment all those years ago fondly to Glamour.

June 2014: Snapping Photos At The Critics' Choice Television Awards

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Before any official reports had the pair linked, Lyonne snapped a shot of her Orange Is the New Black costar Danielle Brooks with Armisen and Carrie Brownstein of Portlandia. (Orange Is the New Black won Best Comedy Series that night.) Lyonne shared the pic she took on Instagram with the caption, "Very nice party. Sexy sexy."

August 2014: Lyonne Heads To Portlandia

Lyonne popped up on Armisen's Instagram for the first time when he posted a pic of her slightly disheveled with the comment, "The beautiful and brilliant Natasha Lyonne." He used the hashtag Portlandia, so it seemed she was just filming a guest spot for his show but it turned out to be more.

August 2014: They Become Official After The Emmys

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Us Weekly first reported the news that Armisen and Lyonne were a couple after the 2014 Emmys. They attended the Variety and Women in Film Emmy Nominee Celebration together (above), as well as the actual Emmys and a number of afterparties. When Ross Mathews was interviewing her on the Emmys red carpet for E!, Lyonne was distracted by her phone and told Mathews, "This is not a G-rated text message I'm sending right now," hinting at a new sext-worthy relationship.

September 2014: Fans Think They Spot Armisen On Lyonne's IG

After news of their coupledom broke, it sure seemed that Armisen was hanging with Lyonne's pup Root Beer in an Instagram post.

January 2015: Armisen Supports Lyonne's SAG Win

Lyonne might have attended the 2015 SAG Awards with her pal (and Armisen's former SNL castmate) Amy Poehler, but Armisen still gave his girlfriend a shoutout for winning Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Comedy Series. Also this month, Lyonne's first Portlandia appearance occurred (she returned to the series four more times after) and the pair hung out at SF Sketchfest where drag artist Peaches Christ performed as Lyonne's But I'm a Cheerleader character.

February 2015: Hanging With Clea DuVall At The Film Independent Spirit Awards

Armisen hosted the 30th Independent Spirit Awards with Kristen Bell, but Lyonne wasn't lonely in the audience since she had friend and But I'm a Cheerleader costar Clea DuVall to hang out with too.

April 2015: Trip To Iceland

The pair took their love international with a journey to Iceland's capital Reykjavík. But they shared the love again since Aidy Bryant was also on the trip.

July 2015: 'Til Death Do Them Part

The pair got really romantic when they went grave hunting together. Lyonne showed her love a more traditional way in another post from this month when she called Armisen one of her favorite people.

September 2015: Freddy Kruegering At The Emmys

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Lyonne was amused by her boyfriend's A Nightmare on Elm Street-themed attire on the red carpet at the 2015 Emmys — she even posted a throwback pic of the clawed evening the next year. As he shared on Instagram, Armisen did clean up a bit for the actual awards show.

April 2016: Armisen Sends Birthday Wishes

Armisen and Lyonne spent her birthday in France in 2016, as his birthday post showed.

May 2016: Wishing Armisen Luck On SNL

When Armisen came back to the sketch comedy show to host, Lyonne showed him some support on social media.

September 2016: Lyonne Calls Armisen "Boyfriend Of The Year"

Lyonne and Armisen (along with Corin Tucker of Sleater Kinney and her daughter Grace) posed with Glenn Danzig after seeing the Misfits. The event prompted Lyonne to give Armisen the "boyfriend of the year award."

September 2016: Emmys In A Hearse

The couple went a little Bride of Frankenstein at the 2016 Emmys when they arrived in a hearse and Armisen rocked bolts in his neck.

February 2017: Playing Dead At The Film Independent Spirit Awards

Nick Kroll and John Mulaney took over hosting the 2017 Film Independent Spirit Awards, but Armisen still got to play along when he channeled Weekend at Bernie's for the "non-memoriam" part of the show while Lyonne looked on in amusement. All four of them have appeared on Netflix's Big Mouth.

March 2017: Lyonne Has Some Competition

Lyonne may give off some Linda Ramone vibes, but don't worry — the Russian Doll actor was just joking that Armisen and Ramone were a new couple after Johnny Ramone's wife popped up on Portlandia.

April 2017: Celebrating Lyonne In Disneyland

The couple celebrated another one of Lyonne's birthdays together with a trip to Disneyland. They even wore matching Mouseketeer ears.

June 2017: Lyonne Gives Some Insight Into Their Relationship On Conan

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Lyonne got hilariously personal with Conan O'Brien when she talked about calling her "A-1 winner boyfriend" Freddy to get his approval before launching into an orgy with her fellow Netflix stars. Spoiler alert: The orgy never happened.

September 2017: Lyonne Directs Armisen

For the fashion brand Kenzo, Lyonne directed a short film called Cabiria, Charity, Chastity starring Rudolph and featuring her future Russian Doll costar Greta Lee and her partner Armisen.

September 2018: Vampire Glam At Emmys

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For the 2018 Emmys, Armisen kept his themed looks going when he wore vampire fangs. In a post featuring Armisen and Sarah Silverman, Lyonne wrote, "Heroes of my heart and verrrry scary."

March 2019: Lyonne Appears On Documentary Now!

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The Documentary Now! episode "Long Gone" was a parody of the Chet Baker doc Let's Get Lost. The IFC version followed Armisen's musician Rex Logan and Lyonne played Rex's lover Carla with some musical talent of her own.

April 2019: A Facebook-Inspired Birthday

Armisen neglected to wish Lyonne a happy birthday in 2018 (to be fair, he hadn't been posting much on social media then), but he made up for it with his 2019 post.

September 2019: Lyonne Takes The Spotlight At The Emmys

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Armisen didn't wear any costume pieces for the 2019 Emmys. While he was nominated for Outstanding Variety Sketch Series for Documentary Now!, it really was Lyonne's night as she was nominated for Outstanding Comedy Series, Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series, and Outstanding Writing for a Comedy Series for Russian Doll. Even though she went home empty-handed, she became a meme with her clapping skills.

With Lyonne earning her first Golden Globe nomination for Russian Doll, expect this funny couple to dazzle like the eccentric diamonds they are at the 2020 show and for many other awards ceremonies to come.