Netflix's Mysterious 'CAOS' & 'Riverdale' IG Suggests A Crossover Might Finally Happen

Fans have waited a long time for these two shows to collide, and on Saturday, Netflix hinted that a Chilling Adventures of Sabrina and Riverdale crossover might happen soon. On Instagram, the official CAOS account posted a photo of Kiernan Shipka with Riverdale stars KJ Apa and Casey Cott posing together in costume. The caption teased: "Riverdale is a big, scary place."

Riverdale and CAOS are based on the Archie Comics universe, and both series were developed by showrunner Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa. In CAOS, characters live in the town of Greendale, which borders Riverdale. Viewers have been waiting for the popular Netflix series to crossover with Riverdale, which airs on the CW, but so far the characters from each show have yet to meet onscreen.

Apa and Cott's visit to the CAOS set might hint that a formal crossover could occur in Part 4 of Season 2. During Part 3, it seemed the two shows might intersect, as Sabrina and Ambrose, played by Chance Perdomo, traveled to Riverdale to tap a maple tree owned by the family of Cheryl Blossom (Madelaine Petsch). Despite technically being in Riverdale, neither Ambrose or Sabrina interacted with Cheryl or any other character from the CW show.

The new CAOS Instagram post is not the first time the show's creator or cast has hinted at a potential crossover moment. In January, Aguirre-Sacasa said that he had a "deep desire to do a true crossover" during an interview with The Wrap. Following the premiere of Part 3, Shipka wouldn't confirm a formal Riverdale crossover in future episodes, but did promise Sabrina, "definitely gets closer to Riverdale this year," in an interview with Elle.

Back in Oct. of 2018, Shipka showed support for a true Riverdale/CAOS crossover during an interview on Live with Kelly And Ryan. "Selfishly, as a Riverdale fan, I hope there is," the actor said. She then added that it seemed only natural the characters would eventually meet. "Greendale is here and Riverdale is here," she said to the hosts. "Both these towns are so action-packed, and so much stuff is going down. How are the characters not talking about this or bonding over the fact that all of this stuff is happening?"

Shipka also noted that characters on CAOS make, "little small references to Riverdale" throughout the series. For example, a small Riverdale cameo occurred in Season 2, during the seventh episode. Miss Wardwell orders a pizza on Thanksgiving, and the delivery boy is a student named Ben from Riverdale High School. Riverdale also references Greendale — some characters have lived there, and one character was murdered. It's unclear if both towns exist in the same time period or the same timeline, but the two definitely seem to share a universe.

Fans will have to wait a bit longer to find out if these two shows will finally crossover. The CAOS Part 4 premiere date has yet to be announced, but given the most recent update from Netflix, it certainly seems like something special is brewing.