Seeing Netflix's Old Logo Will Seriously Make You Feel Ancient

by Danielle Jackson

Time definitely does fly when you're having fun. Tuesday marks Netflix's 20th anniversary, which makes it the perfect time to reflect on just how much the popular streaming app has changed since its birth in August 1997. Depending on how old you are now, you may have been a bit too young to understand Netflix and all of the perks it offered during its early days, but that won't change the fact that seeing Netflix's old logo from 1997 in 2017 will make you feel incredibly old.

You've probably become so used to seeing the app's classic red and white logo that you likely can't even remember a time when it was any different. But Netflix's very first logo, as seen below, was used during its first three years when it still had less than a million subscribers, and was switched around 2000 to the all-caps logo that any true marathoner has become familiar with in recent years.

The first logo change came around the time when Netflix first began offering a subscription service, which, according to Wired, allowed its users to hold onto four movies for an unlimited amount of time for just $15.95 a month. Twenty years later, it's hard to deny how dated the old logo looks, kind of like something that could've been created pretty easily using Microsoft Word.

Now, the streaming service has the logo you know and love, along with the simplistic yet modern N icon below.


Knowing that the streaming service is now 20 years old and seeing how its logo has evolved over time might make you feel old, but it surely won't have any effect on whatever plans you have to Netflix and chill in the near future. If anything, you'll feel a bit nostalgic just thinking about how far the service has come.

At one point, you weren't able to log onto the service and stream every single episode of Friends ever created, but times have definitely changed for the better. And old logo or new, Netflix has helped shape the way we all watch television today.