All The New TV Shows & Films Arriving On Netflix UK In July


Ongoing lockdown and social distancing measures have kept many of us glued to our streaming platforms of choice, and powering your way through Netflix's colossal library of films and TV shows can be a perfect way of distracting yourself from the seemingly never-ending bad news cycle. If this rings true for you, you're in luck, because the streaming service is set to introduce a lineup of exciting new additions throughout the entirety of June. So, to give you a nudge in the right direction of what to look out for, here are all the new TV shows and movies coming to Netflix UK this month — because you don't want to miss out on a second of these latest offerings.

This month, Netflix are showering fans with a lot of long-awaited returns including The Umbrella Academy and Good Girls. They’re also hell bent at slaying the reboot game with a new season of the iconic Unsolved Mysteries as well as Babysitters Club. Depending on which side of the “hopeless romantic” fence you find yourself you’ll be either delighted or horrified by their latest romantic reality show Say I Do.

So, it seems Netflix subscribers have a tonne of thrilling new viewing options throughout the coming month of July, and as many of us are faced with prolonged self-isolation, the platform's updated catalogue could not be arriving at a better time.

‘Celebrity Masterchef’ Season 1 & 2 — Coming July 1

A show all about celebrities cooking for survival, in high pressure situations in order to be crowned Masterchef. Worth watching if only to count how many times Gregg Wallace goes wild over a pudding.

‘Masterchef: The Professionals’ Season 1& 2 — Coming July 1

The same as regular Masterchef only featuring actual professional chefs showing off their prowess and next-level skills.

‘Humans’ Season 1& 2 — Coming July 1
Channel 4

Humans is the hit series which tells the story of a dystopian parallel present where AI has taken over and having your very own house robot, including the Hawkins family’s domestic robot Anita, is de rigueur. Starring Gemma Chan, this show challenges the scarier aspects of AI and is a must for any science fiction buffs.

‘Spaced’ Seasons 1 & 2 — Coming July 1

Comedy classic about two twenty somethings who, despite just meeting, pretend to be in a relationship in order to meet the requisites to rent a flat in North London. Starring a who’s who of British comedy including Bill Bailey and Simon Pegg, this show is like a comfy old pair of socks. Despite only lasting two series, this is definitely one of Channel 4’s greatest productions and some of the most quotable content around.

‘Motherland’ Season 1 — Coming July 1
BBC/Merman/Colin Hutton

BBC One’s sitcom about a load of mums (and one dad) and their daily lives might sound, on paper, a bit boring. But it turns out that it makes for one of the best sitcoms from the last decade and a perfect take on British middle-class parenthood.

‘Say I Do’ — Coming July 1

Who doesn’t love a show about OTT romance am I right? Well if that’s your bag, this Netflix original is the one for you. The reality show sees couples enjoying surprise weddings organised by the best wedding planners in the business.

‘Tattoo Fixers’ Seasons 1 & 2 — Coming July 1
Channel 4

The show that the heavily tattooed among us pretend not to watch, Tattoo Fixers is all about people getting old ink covered up. Expect lots of exe’s names and badly executed pieces being made beautiful.

‘Unsolved Mysteries’ Season 15 — Coming July 1

True crime fans rejoice because the show that for many was a starting point in the genre is back and better than ever. The only downside is you haven’t got the host staring directly into the camera nor the schlocky reenactments, however this show is just as rad as it was when it aired back in the '80s.

‘Warrior Nun’ Season 1 — Coming July 2
Tamara Arranz/Netflix

Based on the comic of the same name, Warrior Nun is an action-packed fantasy about a faithless girl called Ava who finds herself unexpectedly fighting ghouls and demons. According to the Radio Times it has serious Buffy vibes, so prepare to become obsessed.

‘Cable Girls’ Season 6 — Coming July 3

The sixth instalment of this Spanish-language drama set in Madrid in the 1920s is not only a beautiful watch but also incredibly gripping. The show covers all sorts of themes from feminism to queerness to domestic abuse and more. A perfect Sunday TV marathon watch.

‘Babysitters Club’ Season 1 — Coming July 3

A family-friendly show and a must for those who those who enjoy a nostalgic watch, the Babysitters Club is back on our screens. Based on the hit books of the same name, first published in the '80s, this series is all about young teenage girls growing into themselves. Expect lots of coming-of-age angst, boy troubles, and teenage drama. Bliss. Alicia Silverstone (aka Cher from Clueless) stars as one of the mums and said to Good Housekeeping that, “this show is about these five girls trying to figure this stuff out, you know? Finding yourself ... all the juicy stuff." OMG, sold.

‘JU-ON: Origins’ Season 1 — Coming July 3

Horror fans have been waiting a long time for this Netflix original series, a Japanese show about a woman’s obsessive search for a haunted house. Expect lots of jumpy moments and hiding behind your pillow.

‘Southern Survival’ Season 1 — Coming July 3

It’s like Bear Grylls and Duck Dynasty had a baby and that baby liked to blow things up. Sound of interest? Well then you’ll be a fan of this new Netflix original show which is all about the BattlBox crew. This bunch of survivalists test out products designed to help people make it through dangerous situations like dealing with intruders and living off grid.

‘Stateless’ Season 1 — Coming July 8

Executive produced by and starring Cate Blanchett, Stateless examines the uncomfortable reality that is Australia’s immigration detention centres. Per the Guardian, the experience is told from the perspective of four different detainees: an airline hostess running from a cult, an Afghan refugee, a young father, and a bureaucrat trying to contain a scandal.

‘Japan Sinks: 2020’ Season 1 — Coming July 9

Anime is increasingly popular and this show, about a family’s fight for survival after a series of earthquakes devastate Japan, is action packed and a visual delight.

‘The Protector’ Season 4 — Coming July 9

One for action lovers: The Protector is now on its fourth season and the Turkish-made fantasy show is definitely still got its foot on the gas. Will Hakan be able to live up to his family's legacy and protect his city? In season four, views return back to the beginning of his story to try and find the answer to that question.

‘Down To Earth With Zac Efron’ Season 1 — Coming July 10

Highschool Musical star Efron is back but this definitely isn’t the version of him you’re used to. In this docuseries he’s on the hunt for planet friendly, ethical, healthy, and sustainable ways to live.

‘The Business Of Drugs’ Season 1 — Coming July 14

Follow a former CIA analyst as he takes a deep dive into the economics of six illegal substances. This series examines the true effects of the narcotics industry.

‘Dark Desire’ Season 1 — Coming July 15

A Mexican-made show, Dark Desire is about a woman who takes a darker path. Alma, a married woman, spends a weekend away which ends up on the saucy side. However, this isn’t simply an adulterous tale because after tragedy strikes, Alma is left wondering who to trust and questioning those closest to her.

‘Skin Decision: Before & After’ Season 1 — Coming July 15

OK so it’s not quite as awkward as The Swan, one of the most controversial reality shows ever made, but this show is literally about lots of people getting lots of work done. Maybe not great if you’re squeamish but definitely an informative insight into the booming cosmetics industry.

‘Indian Matchmaking’ Season 1 — Coming July 16

Another slice of romantic factual entertainment, this show will tell the stories of couples brought together by elite matchmaker Sima Taparia, who unites couples in the U.S. and India.

'Cursed’ Season 1 — Coming July 17

A brand spanking new reimagining of the Arthurian legend, this time round the sword is being pulled out by a young female rebel named Nimue who’s played by 13 Reasons Why star Katherine Langford.

‘Kissing Game’ Season 1 — Coming July 17

A Brazillian made production, Kissing Game is about a mysterious virus that spreads in a small ranching community among the teenage population. The virus is transmitted via kissing and as it ransacks the community, panic ensues... This one feels *too* real RN.

‘Street Food: Latin America’ Season 1 — Coming July 21

Delicious escapism at its best, this new series looks at all of the vibrant, tasty, and diverse cuisines available from street food traders across Latin America.

‘How To Sell Drugs Online (Fast)’ Season 2 — Coming July 21

Season 2 of this charming German dramedy is definitely worth a watch. It’s all about a nerdy teenager who, in a bid to win back his ex, starts selling ecstasy online and accidentally becomes Europe’s biggest dealer.

‘Signs’ Season 1 — Coming July 22

A crime drama fan’s dream, this show is about the death of a woman which has many similarities with a cold case a decade previously. It’s a Polish-language production for Netflix and provides all of the edge-of-your-seat excitement you could possibly ask for.

‘Fear City: New York Vs The Mafia’ Season 1 — Coming July 22

This true crime docuseries tells the story of how federal agents worked together to bring down the Mafia in 1970’s New York.

‘Norsemen’ Season 3 — Coming July 22

This unlikely hit is a Norwegian comedy about a group of Vikings living in the year 790. A brilliant spoof of all the fantasy and historical dramas about Nordic legends and history.

‘Love On The Spectrum’ Season 1 — Coming July 22

Another documentary-style show all about romance and finding your perfect match, Love On The Spectrum follows young people on the autistic spectrum dating and doing their best to find love.

‘Good Girls’ Season 3 — Coming July 26
Jordin Althaus/NBC

Good Girls was a runaway hit from the get go and surrounds a group of unlikely criminals who, in trying to save their families, find themselves taking a path down a dark road from which they can’t return. The third season promises more of the drama, action, and LOLs of the previous two.

‘Last Chance U’ Season 5 — Coming July 28

The fifth season of the docuseries about American footballers with troubled past trying to make better lives for themselves by succeeding in the competitive game.

‘The Umbrella Academy’ Season 2 — Coming July 31

Talk about saving the best for last because season 2 of this incredible, big budget superhero show is probably the biggest premiere on this list. It’s about a family of children, adopted because of their special powers. Season one’s cliffhanger finale left a lot of unanswered questions as to how the heck they’re going to get out of, you know, The Apocalypse, so bring on season 2 — we’re ready.