The Most Sexually Active City Is...

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Ever wonder where people are getting it on the most? The 2017 SKYN Condoms Millennial Sex Survey is out, and its results are an in-depth look into the dating and sexual habits of Millennials who, according to the study, are getting laid left and right, especially if they happen to live in New York City. Yep; although not really a surprise, the city that never sleeps, as the saying goes, is up all night getting it on. Which, as a New Yorker, I can attest to being very accurate. It may be difficult to date in NYC, but finding someone to have sex with is probably the easiest thing in the world.

The study surveyed 3,037 people, both men and women between the ages of 18 and 34 who were sexually active in the last three months, of all relationship statuses and sexualities, to come up with their findings. The survey was conducted from September to October 2016, and those respondents were asked to answers 86 intimate, sex-related questions so SKYN could provide one hell of a comprehensive report. And, as always, it's comprehensive AF.

Although New York is definitely the most sexually active city in the country, it’s not like other cities don’t have their fair share of one-night stands. Here are three more where one-night stands are happening — a lot.


Washington, D.C.

Since D.C is kind of a mess right now, what better way to relieve all that stress than to have sex? And NSA sex, for that matter, really hits the spot after a long day of fighting for (or against) justice. At 62 percent, Washington, D.C. falls in the top three places for one-night stands. Top three not including NYC, of course, as that one just falls into a category all its own in many, many ways... wrote the biased New Yorker.


San Francisco

Also on the list for top destinations for one-night stands is San Francisco, at 71 percent. That’s right; if you get on a plane right now and head to San Francisco (that is, if you're not already there), there’s a good chance that you’ll get laid. Sometimes you need to travel far to meet someone who's going to curl your toes.



At 75 percent, Houston, Texas is the top city, behind NYC, in destinations for one-night stands. It’s nice to know that if you find yourself in Houston, and you need yourself a fling, there’s no shortage you may not have a hard time finding a cowboy or cowgirl for the night.

As our society embraces the importance of being sex-positive and shakes its former taboos associated with sex, one-night stands are finally getting the respect they deserve. There’s not a thing wrong with the Walk of Awesome (hence the name), and it’s paramount that Millennials are owning their sexuality and going out there and getting some.