Nick Jonas Just Gave Fans A Peek At Joe's Birthday Celebrations With Sophie Turner

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Joe Jonas is now officially 30 years old and Nick and Kevin Jonas wished Joe happy birthday in the best way on Instagram. The brothers, of course, couldn't help but celebrate their brother's special day with sweet messages. Oh, and, Nick's birthday tribute for his older brother also included an impromptu sing-a-long with Sophie Turner. The former Game of Thrones star singing is even more wonderful than it sounds.

As you can watch below, Nick shared a video on Instagram on Thursday that he captioned, "IT’s JOE’S BIRTHDAY! When we party we listen to dynamite obviously. In reality what other song is there?" Nick was referring to the 2009 jam "Dynamite" by Taio Cruz. In the clip, Nick videoed Joe playing on his phone. At first, Joe didn't realize he was being filmed. After Nick said, "Hey, Joe!", Joe looked up and pointed his finger at the camera with his mouth open.

While all of this was going on, Turner sat next to her now 30-year-old husband holding their adorable dog, Porky. She clearly enjoyed the song choice, because Turner couldn't help but sing along to "Dynamite." It's only a brief clip of her, but she doesn't sound half bad. Maybe the Jonas Brothers need to hand Turner the microphone while they're on tour? That would probably be a great decision.

As for Kevin, he posted an animated action shot of Joe on stage during their Happiness Begins tour. Nick and Kevin can be see behind Joe. Kevin sweetly captioned the Instagram, "Happy 30th birthday to this incredible dude! @joejonas you are the man we love you so much now let’s play a show and party!!!!!"

It's unclear if Joe plans to celebrate turning 30 with an epic party or in another eventful way. Right now, he's a bit busy with his brothers on tour, so he might not have time to partake in birthday festivities. Or, he could very well celebrate in a low-key way or with a belated party. Whatever the case, it looks like Joe definitely made some birthday memories while on a private plane with Nick and Turner. The fact that he's also playing concerts across the country isn't a horrible way to turn 30, either.

It's a big deal for the Jonas Brothers to be touring after all these years. Nick opened up about their reunion in March on The Elvis Duran Show about the trio getting back together while filming their Amazon documentary, Chasing Happiness. "We wanted to tell our story, where we came from, what happened on our journey back then together," Nick explained. "In that, I think we started spending a lot of time together, we realized that there was a magic when we were together that we missed... I sort of started the conversation of doing this again. After a few conversations they came around to it."

And now here they are on tour performing new and old songs for very excited JoBro fans. Plus, the brothers are making even more memories together and being able to celebrate the important moments, like Joe's 30th, as a family. One might say they're even having a dynamite of a time at this moment in their lives, too.