Sophie Turner & Priyanka Chopra Wore Vintage Jonas Brothers Band Tees To Their Concert

Priyanka Chopra/Instagram

When it comes to supporting one another and their husbands, the J-Sisters are the greatest girl group around. On Aug. 8, Sophie Turner and Priyanka Chopra wore vintage Jonas Brothers band tees to their husbands' kick off concert, and they're so good. Of course, being the J-Sisters, they rocked those band tees in style.

According to Harper's Bazaar, the Jonas Brothers kicked off the first stop in their Happiness Begins tour on Aug. 8 in Miami. Being the supportive wives they are, all three of the Jonas Sisters made an appearance. While Danielle Jonas also looked fab rocking a Jonas Brothers tee, it was of the men's current days. Sophie Turner and Priyanka Chopra, however, went totally vintage with their looks.

In the photo of the Jonas Sisters that Chopra posted to her Instagram account, you can clearly see that the tees she and Turner are wearing come from their husbands' early Disney channel days. Because both Turner and Jonas are ultra stylish, the didn't just rock plain band tees.

Chopra repurposed her shirt by adding a sexy side cut-out and creating an off-the-shoulder neckline with a gold belt at her waist. Meanwhile, Turner kept the shirt as is but paired it with a killer black mini skirt. While Danielle Jonas wasn't in on the vintage theme, she did crush the repurposing portion by adding sheering the sides to make the tee fitted and creating straps instead of sleeves.

The women also took time to take photos with the littlest Jonas family members. In a photo set-up with J-Sisters in cursive writing above their heads and balloons decorating the photo-op, all three women posed with Danielle and Kevin Jonas' kids who now clearly have the coolest mom and aunts in the world.

Of course, the J-Sisters' appearance at the Jonas Brothers kick-off concert is far from the first time this trio has rocked killer looks together. All three women's appearances in the Jonas Brothers' Sucker music video were basically fashion goals.

While sure, the Jonas Brothers look great in the video, there's little doubt that the women in their lives stole the show. The fashion in the video was outrageous. From Danielle Jonas' voluminous pink gown and plethora of corgis to Sophie Turner's pom-pom headband to Priyanka Chopra's massive head dress, the ladies were definitely the stars of the video.

Jonas Brothers/YouTube

As for when the J-Sisters became a thing, the nickname seems to have come about during Chopra's bachelorette party back in Nov. 2018. Chopra and Turner began posting the name to their Instagram accounts during the event, but Danielle Jonas was unable to attend. Fast forward to April, and all three of the J-Sisters got together to celebrate the nickname with both Chopra and Turner sharing a snap of the three women together on Instagram.

While the J-Sisters won't be releasing music any time soon, the three sisters-in-law clearly know how to shut down an event with their style. Sophie Turner and Priyanka Chopra's vintage Jonas Brothers tees are just another fantastic moment between these sister. Hopefully, with a full Jonas Brothers tour ahead, there's more to come.