Nick Viall Felt Discouraged On 'DWTS'

Eric McCandless/ABC

Nick Viall is used to be on television, but he is more accustomed to making out on television than he is dancing. While understandable, since he was on The Bachelor eighteen times, it’s not doing any favors for Nick’s confidence on Dancing With The Stars. With just slightly less-than-harsh comments from the judges in the first two weeks, Nick Viall was feeling discouraged by his Dancing With The Stars tenure, but luckily, his partner Peta Murgatroyd was there to give him a pep talk.

When Dancing With The Stars host Tom Bergeron says that Peta is among the best judges in the game, he’s right. Peta is an old pro, and in the pre-dance interview, she knew just what to say to Nick to make him think that they could nail their “Poker Face” tango in Week 3. Given the fact that Nick almost had an emotional breakdown every week during The Bachelor, I think Peta may need to record the pep talk and play it for him every week he’s on Dancing With The Stars, but the important thing here is that the talk worked. Peta said that she had Nick’s back no matter what and that she would transform him into a dancer and he would rock Vegas Night. And you know what? He sort of did. The judges agreed that his tango was the best dance he’s had so far, so, you know, progress.

Peta is a take-no-prisoners kind of gal. She’s a new mom, and she’s tough, and she doesn’t have time for Nick to feel bad about himself. They have a competition to win! While Nick may feel as though he’s under a lot of pressure on Dancing With The Stars, things aren’t so bad. He has a beautiful fiancée, and encouraging dance partner, and a fledgling male grooming company in the works. How lucky can one guy be, you know? He just needs to focus on the task (and dance) at hand, and he'll be just fine.