Everything You Missed If You Didn't Watch Nick Viall's Christmas Movie Debut

Joe Scarnici/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

When you find a bit of stardom, no matter how you do it, you have to grab it by the horns and make it work for you. That’s the American way — television cameras and perseverance. Former Bachelor and long-time member of the Bachelor Nation family Nick Viall is turning his beginnings of looking for love in all the wrong places into a full-fledged acting career (or trying to, at least). Nick Viall’s movie debut, A Christmas Cruise, is here, just in time for the holidays, and if you missed its premiere, not to worry — you’re about to get caught up.

Airing on ION with reruns on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day (check your local listings for exact times), A Christmas Cruise tells the story of Pamela, a writer who is down on her luck in love. Luckily, her bestie invites her to cruise away the day right before the Christmas holiday, and of course, romance ensues. The movie stars a slew of soap actors like Kristoff St. John, Jessica Morris, and Rib Hillis, and Vivica A. Fox is in the lead role as Pamela. Viall plays Bob, the Hotel Cruise Manager of the ship — he’s basically in charge of making sure that all of the travelers are happy. This seems perfect for Viall, as he’s had plenty of experience managing personality types on The Bachelor and The Bachelorette.

Since this was only Viall’s first movie role, it wasn’t much — maybe about five minutes’ total screen time. But in those five minutes, Viall did what he could. Here’s what you missed:

Nick Wore A Fancy-Looking Uniform

It was blue with gold detailing, like a real ship captain or something (even though he was not the captain in this case).

His Character Wasn’t Great At Customer Service

He seemed surprised that Pamela didn’t think her room was adequate… but it wasn’t even the room she asked for. Do better, Bob.

He Carried A Stack Of Towels

This is important, because everyone always needs fresh towels in a hotel or on a cruise.

He Passed A Responsibility To His Coworker

Was he passing the buck because he didn’t want to help Pamela or because he knew that Jake would be into Pamela? The romantic in me likes to think the latter.

He Showed Pictures Of His Fictional Honeymoon

That has to sting, seeing as he and IRL Bachelor fiancée Vanessa Grimaldi split in the summer of 2017.

He Talked About His Fictional Wedding

Oh, Vanessa, we hardly knew ye.

He Gave His Coworker A Pep Talk

Jake is gruff and tough, but inside, he has a heart of gold. Inside, he wants someone to love. And he needed Bob to tell him that.

And to quote Porky Pig, that’s all, folks! Nick’s movie debut certainly didn’t amount to much, but even I can give credit where it is due. He’s serious about this acting thing — Entertainment Tonight recently reported that, following his stint on Dancing With The Stars, Viall was even taking acting lessons to hone is craft. He also recently had a guest-starring spot on an episode of ABC’s Speechless, where he played a dude-bro-ish friend of JJ’s, and a quick spot in a commercial for Will & Grace:

This is how you make a start of things in Hollywood — you take bit parts, you work on things, and hopefully, cross your fingers, things will come to you.

One thing that Viall has vowed not to take on again is more reality television. Turns out that appearing on The Bachelorette (twice), The Bachelor, and Bachelor In Paradise is just all that one man can take. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight in May 2017, Viall said, "I have zero plans to do reality TV. I'm certainly done with anything Bachelor-related, but I'm very thankful for my time." It’s nice that Viall knows where he came from, and he’s certainly making strides in his acting craft to go where he wants to be in the future.