*NSYNC Sings To Britney Spears In This Clip Of Lifetime's 'Britney Ever After' & It's A Gift To Us All — VIDEO

Scott Gries/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

On Tuesday, Lifetime basically asked, “Do you want a Valentine’s Day gift? A really, really good Valentine’s Day gift? A gift that’ll make you want to keep on dancing till the world ends?” We nodded our heads, put out our humble hands, and awaited whatever it was Lifetime had in store for us. Was it ever a doozy. On Saturday, Feb. 18, Lifetime's unauthorized Britney Spears biopic, Britney Ever After, will sling a yellow python around its shoulders and stomp onto our television sets. And thanks to the new sneak peek of Britney Ever After that made its way onto E! Online, fans get to see the Lifetime version of *NSYNC sing “Happy Birthday” to Natasha Bennett’s Spears. To quote another pop star, some people wait a lifetime for a Lifetime movie moment like this.

No disrespect to any other renditions of “Happy Birthday,” but this surreal reenactment is now my favorite rendition of the b-day staple. There’s the element of surprise, there’s at least one pair of bootcut lowrider jeans, there’s at least one pair of tinted sunglasses, and there’s a five-part harmony. What more could you want from a dramatic recreation? What more could you want from a preview of a made-for-TV movie? What more could you want from "Happy Birthday"?

On my next birthday, I will wake up, grab my phone, fire up my web browser, click the only bookmarked link, and watch Lifetime *NSYNC serenade Lifetime Spears with “Happy Birthday.” When Lifetime Justin Timberlake says, “You’re one year older, girl,” I will stare into the blue lenses of his aviators and say, “I really am.” And I will start the video over again.

What will I do once I'm through watching the clip on a loop? Frankly, it doesn’t really matter. Day’s already been won.


It will be a perfect birthday, all thanks to Lifetime Godney and Lifetime *NSYNC and Lifetime “Happy Birthday.”