100% Of The Proceeds For This Outdoor Voices Tee Will Support The ACLU

Outdoor Voices Giving Tuesday tee donates 100% of sales to the ACLU.
Outdoor Voices/Instagram

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are over, and your wallet is likely screaming in relief, but there's one more day you should think about shopping: Giving Tuesday. The charitable day is all about giving back to the world post-Thanksgiving, and Outdoor Voices' Giving Tuesday t-shirt is one of the ways you can participate in this philanthropic event.

While the Tuesday following Thanksgiving doesn't center on sales and is instead about volunteering or spending time caring for loved ones, brands have taken up the Giving Tuesday mantle by donating proceeds from sales to charitable organizations. This year, Outdoor Voices is participating in a massive way. The athletic wear brand has created special Giving Tuesday t-shirts that play on their "Doing Things" motto.

The new OV t-shirts center on speaking up for social justice. In fact, that's exactly what the new long sleeve shirts say in bold font on the front: "Use Your Outdoor Voice." The item was made to support the American Civil Liberties Union and features a small emblem on the back at the top of the crewneck design that reads, "Outdoor Voices supports ACLU." As part of the launch, which happened on Dec. 3, Outdoor Voices is donating not just a portion but the full 100% of the sales to the organization.

The shirts are currently available on the Outdoor Voices website and retail for $45 with unisex sizing in XS-XL. In a blurb about the shirt on the Outdoor Voices website, the brand explains the connection between its "Doing Things" motto and the ACLU saying, "Outdoor Voices and the ACLU believe that everyone is entitled to equal rights and that everyone should be empowered to exercise their voice."

Outdoor Voices' choice to donate 100% of its proceeds coincides with its mission to do things a bit differently than other brands. While some may participate in Giving Tuesday, OV's choice to donate all of the proceeds is exceptional with some brands choosing to just give a portion. Setting themselves apart from others is just part of Outdoor Voices, though.

The brand's "Doing Things" motto has marked it as a different type of athletic wear brand not encumbered by unapproachable standards of athleticism sometimes seen in other brands' marketing. Instead, the brand simply encourages its customers to get out and do things. From simply taking a walk to doing studio classes, Outdoor Voices makes athletic wear different, and now, it's making its approach to charitable giving different as well.

Courtesy of Outdoor Voices

If there's still a bit of cash left over from your marathon Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping, consider Outdoor Voices' Giving Tuesday t-shirt for yourself or a loved one.