Pantene's Gold Series Campaign Celebrates The Unique Beauty Of African American Hair

Hashtags like #blackgirlmagic" and #blackgirlsrock are trending more than ever — and the most glorious images of mega blowouts, kinky-coily fros, and majestic goddess locs are spreading like wildfire. Pantene's Gold Series campaign is about celebrating natural hair, and the brand's new campaign video is a powerful way to introduce the world to a new hair care line that caters to natural manes.

In the video, fierce gazes transform into smirks and wide smiles as the models hit elegant poses, dance, and most importantly, show off their hair. Myriad styles are represented, from coifed updos to curly dreadlocks, to straightened strands, and more.

"We are proudly born with hair that grows strong as a storm and doesn't conform to a beauty norm that isn't our own," a voiceover narrates. With every woman of color that graces the screen, the idea that sleek or wavy hair is the only form of beauty is shut down. A video representation of that pride and strong sense of self that comes along with black hair is not only refreshing too see, but also empowering. As a black woman, there's one message that stands out to me: Black hair is strong and beautiful.

Everything about Pantene's visual is spot on. There's look after look that says all hair, whether relaxed or natural, is the crowning glory of African American women that deserves a chance in the spotlight.

"There are so many different styles and ages represented, so I hope it will nudge the status quo forward," Pantene Brand Ambassador Jillian Hervey tells Bustle. "It’s time to highlight all the different ways hair can be, and to celebrate and express that strength."

There's still a ways to go to improve diversity and inclusion in our society, but showcasing the stunning textures and styles of black hair in such a positive light is a step in the right direction. If there's anything to take away from Pantene's ad, it's that women of color can— and should— rock their tresses however they choose, free of shame.

"African American hair has a history of being underrepresented in pop culture and hair care advertising," Hervey says. "To change this perception, we need to start by empowering all women to proudly embrace their strong, unique hair."

Our manes are just as special as any other hair texture, and society can't tell us otherwise. Formulated by African American scientists for African American women, Pantene's Gold Series is the hair care line and campaign we needed to see.