Peaches Monroee Wants To Launch An "On Fleek" Cosmetics Line & Twitter Is Here For It

The term "eyebrows on fleek" could take on a whole new meaning soon. The creator of the phrase, Peaches Monroee, has created a GoFundMe campaign to create an On Fleek cosmetics and hair products line, according to The Cut. I don't know about you, but I would so shell out for an "on fleek" brow pencil duo.

A little pop culture history lesson: "on fleek" rose to prominence after Chicago teen Kayla Lewis (who goes by Peaches Monroee online) posted a six-second Vine in 2014 that would shake popular vocabulary as we knew it, describing her brows as "on fleek." Since then, it's been repurposed by everyone and their mother, from apparel brands to rappers to the literal International. House. Of. Pancakes. Some have even claimed they came up with it themselves. Oh hey, Nicki Minaj and Christina Milian.

While other people have been profiting off the phrase for several years, Monroee has decided to cash in too — and rightfully so. According to Newsweek, the word "fleek" alone has been around since 2003, but Monroee is considered the person to use it in this way (the word "on" clearly makes it work). Pardon my nerdiness, but I smell intellectual property here. Of course, I'm no lawyer, but there's no doubt she deserves the chance to use the phrase for her own financial gain. After all, she created a phrase that's probably more well known than "so fetch" (sorry, Gretchen Weiners).

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"My plans for the hair line is make sure people enjoy/learn about hair extension, also I want to expand, by reaching millions of people; also with the cosmetic line I want to bring out my creative side, I want so many young ladies and women to feel even more beautiful," Monroee told The Cut. And if that's not great motivation, I don't know what is.

Twitter users are on board with Monroee's new venture, too. Need some inspiration to pull out you card for her GoFundMe? Here it is.