People Are Sharing #90sValentinesGifts On Twitter & They Will Take You BACK


Does your valentine have an affinity for Dunkaroos, a tendency to quote Friends, or way, way too many Beanie Babies? If so, your lobster may be a nineties kid. Kids of the '90s are loyal to their favorite decade, which makes sense since the era produced some of the most entertaining, influential, and culturally relevant entertainment in history. It's hard to believe we're approaching twenty years since their end — especially when people are sharing '90s Valentine's Day gift ideas on Twitter like it was just yesterday.

And hey, why not live like we're still there? Knowing how to treat a '90s kid on Valentine's Day can be a challenge, but if you know where to look, there are some pretty great cards and gifts available that will surely remind them of simpler times. Unfortunately, many of the greatest gifts you could give to a '90s kid are hard to come by. Many of the most popular music acts have disbanded, and most popular television shows have basically all gone off the air.

If your valentine feels like taking a stroll back to the days of Tamagotchi and The Wild Thornberries, they're not alone. In fact, so many people are feeling similarly reminiscent, a hashtag roundup game inspired a whole slew of #90svalentinegifts. Take a peek at these tweets about '90s Valentine's Day gifts your boo is sure to appreciate (almost as much as they appreciate you).


Tearin' Up My Heart

If you weren't a big fan of JT's Super Bowl halftime performance on Sunday, it's probably because he was missing Lance, JC, Chris, and Joey.


Call Me Beep Me

It's hard to remember a time when phones weren't so smart. It's even harder to remember that not too long ago they had cords! Back before you people stayed up too late texting friends, they stayed up chatting under the covers on one of these funky contraptions.


Heart-Shaped Boxes (With Or Without Chocolate)

Need something a little heavier that Britney Spears or the Spice Girls? Look no further than an authentic Heart Shaped Box direct from the most prolific grunge band of all time.


Fly Hair Accessories

These fun little doodads were some of the most iconic and underrated accessories was the butterfly hair clip. The small, candy-colored clip was the perfect addition to any outfit. It goes without saying they should absolutely make a long-awaited comeback in 2018.


Getting Buzzed

Feelin' buggy? The carefree bee girl from folk-rock band Blind Melon's video for "No Rain" danced her way into America's heart, and became an unexpected icon in the '90s. Come to think of it, she probably inspired a lot of pretty great Halloween costumes, too.


Your Dad's iPod

Being able to find almost any song you can think of in seconds on a phone hasn't always been the norm. Before the iPod and smart phones, people were limited to one CD in this a Diskman. They may have been a little clunky, but they got the job done. Make sure you don't bounce around too much, though, or else the song will skip.


Valentine's Velvet

If you're planning on wearing ~something else~ red and velvet, pair it with the ultimate '90s finishing touch. Why these ever went out of style is hard to understand as they're not only cute, but add an extra "umph" to a ponytail in a way regular rubber bands can't.


Fake Plastic Loveseat

Everyone wanted one of these, but nobody actually liked to sit on them. In any case, never has there been a more portable couch than Claire's iconic inflatable couch. Take it anywhere and you'll have a perfect love seat for your Valentine's Day date.


Pucker Up

What are couples doing all over the world on Valentine's Day? That's right: kissing! It has been almost three years since Bonne Bell retired the tastiest lip balm to ever exist; a true travesty for '90s girls everywhere.