It's Official — Peter Is The Next Bachelor & People Have Thoughts

John Fleenor/ABC

Sorry Mike Johnson fans, it's official: Peter Weber is the 2020 Bachelor. After perhaps one of the most suspenseful lulls between Hannah B.'s Bachelorette finale and the official announcement, the news is finally here, and fans definitely have mixed feelings about it. Some fans were excited that the pilot will get his shot at love, while others were particularly salty that Mike wasn't chosen instead. There are also questions, too. But for right now, Peter seems excited to embark on what may be the most important journey of his life.

Stepping on stage as the next single guy who will date dozens of women on national television, Peter was overwhelmed, to say the least. He told Chris that he's ready to find love and that he believes in the process established by the franchise, despite being heartbroken by it once already. "What is life?" he said. "I feel emotional right now. This is crazy, this is life changing. I have truly, my entire life, looked forward to finding my girl." Though he did find love with Hannah on The Bachelorette, he wasn't fortunate enough to get her final rose, which could've contributed to the emotion he was feeling onstage as The Bachelor for the first time.

He may not have ultimately ended up with Hannah, but he said he remains inspired by her, and wants to carry her legacy of authenticity and vulnerability into his season of the franchise. "She was 100 percent, unapologetically herself, and I love that," he said. "And that's definitely something that I want to carry forward with my journey. That's what it takes to truly find your person in this process."

Chris asked if Peter was worried about anything, and he took a deep breath in. "This is not normal, dating 30 women at the same time. I've never done this before, so, you know, there's gonna be ups and downs. I know that's coming," he said. "I'm not perfect ... the possibility of making the wrong decision, it's out there, but you know, I'm gonna follow my heart."

He also said he's inspired by his parents' love story and relationship, and is looking to them, his late grandparents, and God for guidance on this journey. "I have 28 years of following this amazing example of what I want," he said, referring to his mom and dad. "I can't believe this."

Considering how Hannah's season ended — with a broken engagement to Jed Wyatt — it's easy to see why the new lead might be a little nervous. Still, him and Hannah did establish a real connection (especially during their windmill Fantasy Suite date). So it's possible that it can happen again with one of his new contestants. Before the BiP finale aired, the franchise released photos of some of the women who "may be on" The Bachelor. Unfortunately, fans will have to wait to find out if they actually made it to the first rose ceremony.

Unlike most of his regular work days, Peter won't have to fly to his role at the mansion. According to Chris, he lives five minutes from where the show is filmed. He even admitted to attempting to sneak on set as a high schooler. "I used to try to sneak on at the mansion, about 10 years ago," he said. "And now, opening night, I'm gonna be there."

Unlike past Bachelor reveals, Peter's wasn't done in real-time on live TV. The whole night was pre-recorded on August 27, which means filming for his season will likely begin soon.