Peter's 'Bachelor' Season Has Already Found Its "Villain"

Hannah Ann and Peter on The Bachelor
John Fleenor/ABC

Spoilers ahead for the premiere of Peter's Bachelor season. Peter proved he has room in his heart for two Hannahs when he gave Hannah Ann the first impression rose on The Bachelor. Between her Southern roots, Christian faith, and pageant queen past, she already has a lot of similarities to his ex Hannah B. And much in the way that Hannah B.'s no-nonsense sass charmed Bachelor Nation, Peter seems most attracted to Hannah Ann's bold attitude; she stole him three times during the cocktail party, before some women had even gotten the chance to speak to him. So while Peter is clearly smitten, Hannah is already setting herself up to be the "villain" among her fellow contestants.

Still, while Hannah Ann is clearly a frontrunner (earning plenty of Peter's kisses throughout the night), she's hardly clinched the competition. The first impression rose recipient on The Bachelorette has often gone far in the show and even won, but that's not the case on The Bachelor. Across the show's 24 seasons, only four women who received the first impression rose made it to the final three: Jenni of Brad Womack's season, Tenley of Jake Pavelka's season, Lindzi of Ben Flajnik's season, and Hannah G. of Colton Underwood's season (the last of whom just happens to be buddies with Hannah Ann). Sean Lowe's now-wife Catherine Giuidice did go on to win his season after getting a first-impression rose, but she's a bit of an outlier; Sean gave out 12 first impression roses on the first night.

John Fleenor/ABC

For now, Hannah Ann is more a top contender to be the season's villain than the season's winner. She upset Shiann — who'd spoken to Peter for two minutes before Hannah Ann stole him back — enough for Shiann to pull her aside. Their confrontation was mild compared to most others that have happened on the show, but Hannah Ann made it clear she doesn't mind stepping on other women's toes if it means getting Peter in the end.

"I know that she feels behind, but I'm trying not to get caught up with the drama," Hannah Ann told the cameras after her conversation with Shiann. "I was brave and I was courageous and did something out of my element and went after what I wanted which I haven't ever done before. But when I have my eye on something, like Peter, I'm gonna go after it and I did."

John Fleenor/ABC

There have been times when the "villain" of The Bachelor season ended up winning, like Vienna in that other pilot's season. But a lot can change from the first cocktail party. For better or worse, Hannah Ann is someone to keep an eye on.