These Pictures From 'The Office' Accountants' Reunion Will Make You Wish For A Reboot

by Ashley Rey

If you're feeling a bit of fatigue from Hollywood's streak of television show reboots, seeing these pictures from The Office's accountants' reunion will be just the piece of nostalgia to get you excited again. The show's stars Angela Kinsey, Oscar Nuñez, Brian Baumgartner, Leslie David Baker, and Creed Bratton represented the Dunder Mifflin crew at this past weekend's Keystone Comic-Con in Philadelphia, and thanks to social media, fans of the franchise were able to follow them every step of the way.

Kinsey, who plays Angela on the award-winning series, was a master at Insta Stories during the gang's festivities, and she captured some pretty awesome moments — from a selfie with Nuñez and Baumgartner, who play Oscar and Kevin on the series, respectively, to joining Baker on a hunt to find Bratton, her photos and stories are can't miss for fans of the NBC sitcom. And even though she shares the same first name as her less-than-enthusiastic character Angela on the series, Kinsey totally proved to be the life of The Office's reunion party.

Anyone keeping up with their shenanigans over the weekend can tell that the actors thoroughly enjoy each other's company. And just knowing that your fave stars are friends IRL makes rewatching the show that much more enjoyable.

Nuñez And Baumgartner Pose For The Ultimate Selfie

"Romantic dinner in Philly. I may get lucky tonight. #OscarNunez #TheAccountants," Baumgartner hilariously captioned the Friday, Sept. 14 post.

Kinsey, Nuñez, and Baumgartner Prove That An Accountants Spinoff Needs To Happen ASAP

"The Accountants spin off... thoughts @nbc ? DM me," Kinsey captioned the Saturday, Sept 15 post, and she's definitely onto something. Who wouldn't want to see Oscar, Angela, and Kevin duke it out in their own spinoff about life in the accounting department?

Reposting his own version of Kinsey's picture, Baumgartner wrote "The Accountants. In Philly," potentially laying all of the groundwork for those looking to pick this project up. It may be just a joke on the surface, but deep down, there are people out there who would love to see The Accountants happen.

This Slow-Mo Video Of The Trio Is Totally Opening Credits Worthy

All the evidence is here. The Accounts needs to happen, NBC.

Kinsey And Baker Lead A Search Party To Find Bratton & It's One Of The Best Things On The Internet Right Now

Along with sharing pictures of herself with the other Office accountants on her actual Instagram feed, Kinsey also took to her Insta Story to give fans a look at all of the action. On one occasion the actor met with Baker to hunt down Bratton, because what would an Office reunion be without Creed?

Kinsey and Bratton Finally Reunite For The Cameras

Kinsey captioned the loving moment, "Creed says hi you guys...," and fans couldn't get enough of his cameo in the comments section. Fan comments like, "iconic," and "Creed is a national treasure," totally represent what the majority of The Office enthusiasts seemed to have been feeling.

The cast of The Office have been vocal about wanting a chance to bring this comedic gold back to the small screen lately, but there's no word as to whether or not NBC, or any other network for that matter, has decided to get the ball rolling. But, if execs needed more of a reason to reboot the award-winning hit, this accountants' reunion just might do the trick.