These New Photos Of Taylor Swift & Joe Alwyn Are Making The Internet Swoon

Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images; Ethan Miller/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images; swiftromantic/Twitter
By Mathew Jedeikin

Swifties across the globe were given a new reason to swoon when photos of Taylor Swift and boyfriend Joe Alwyn hit the internet on Saturday. And when you see the pics for yourself, it's easy to understand why. The two of them look super adorable together, and Swift seems quite happy and in love with Alwyn in general.

In what's been described as a "rare public appearance" by publications like The Sun, Swift and Alwyn were spotted by photographers after her performance at Z100 New York's 2017 iHeartRadio Jingle Ball at Madison Square Garden. The two were reportedly seen leaving the venue together, and proceeded to Swift's apartment building, where they were snapped on the sidewalk as they proceeded from their car to the entrance.

Quick side note: If you haven't already seen the video of Katie Holmes and daughter Suri Cruise randomly introducing Swift at Jingle, Ball then do yourself a favor and check it out. No exaggeration, it's probably going to be the cutest thing you'll watch this weekend.

Now, back to the couple: This is the first time Swift and Alwyn have been spotted together since this past spring, according to Cosmopolitan. Swift has been decidedly more private with her relationship with Alwyn than previous romantic partners, and the two don't appear in public together often. That explains why the photos of them outside of her apartment are being so widely shared on social media.

Fans of Swift already know a lot about Alwyn, as Swift makes a ton of references about him in her latest album Reputation, and she's also made nods to him in recent music videos. But as people on social media are speculating, the new photos could suggest Swift is growing more comfortable with the thought of sharing more information about her relationship with the world.

People On Twitter Were Overwhelmingly Happy For The Couple

If you scroll through Twitter, you'll see that most people are sharing positive messages to Swift and Alwyn — as in, relatively little hating. Fans are using all caps and emojis galore to express how overwhelmingly adorable Swift and Alwyn look together.

Warming Hears Everywhere

Talk about a great way for a Swiftie to start the day.


Because for some fans, words literally could not describe their excitement.

So. Much. Joy.

Like people on social media are saying, Swift appears so happy and confident with this relationship.

Legitimate Couple Goals

No argument here.

Song Lyrics Are Always Great Captions

Remember, Alwyn is British, which is why fans assumed Swift's lyrics in her song "King of My Heart," where she refers to herself as "his American queen" are about him.

The Autopsy Is In...

Is death by over-swooning a thing? These photos of Swift and Alwyn definitely push the limit in terms of what a fan can handle.

*Heart Emoji*

Emojis speak volumes.

Some Did Admit To Feeling Conflicted

But the photos are so adorable, they seem impossible to resist. Plus, it's not like their super stalker-like telephoto lens shots. Judging by the pics, it didn't seem like Swift was terribly bothered by the photographers.

But All That Matters Is That Swift & Alwyn Are Happy

Like people have noticed, being comfortable enough to hold hands in public does indicate Swift is happy with her relationship.

Literally Improving Relations Among Couples IRL

Fans are even so inspired by Swift and Alwyn that they're hugging their real-life romantic partners.

Now that she seems to be OK being photographer holding hands with Alwyn, does this mean that we'll start seeing Swift and Alwyn making more public appearances together? For now, we will have to wait and see, but if the response from fans is any indication, the public seems quite welcoming to the concept of Swift and Alwyn as a couple. Not that it should influence Swift's decision to share more about her personal life or anything, but possibly she'll feel supported by all the fans who are expressing positive messages, and it will encourage her to not feel like she has to hide her relationship.