The 'Vanderpump Rules' Cast's Vacay Photos Hint At What You Can Expect Next Season

by Marenah Dobin
Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The Vanderpump Rules cast never fails to entertain, especially when they're on vacation. The SURVers returned to Mexico, and of course, they took a ton of photos. The Vanderpump Rules cast's trip to Puerto Vallarta looks like it's going to be another one for the books.

Jax Taylor, Brittany Cartwright, Stassi Schroeder, Kristen Doute, Ariana Madix, Tom Sandoval, Tom Schwartz, Lala Kent, Katie Maloney, and Scheana Marie were all on hand for the vacation festivities. Stassi's new boyfriend Beau Clark even came through for his first cast vacation. This is especially interesting, since full-time cast member James Kennedy and last season's new edition Billie Lee were noticeably absent from Puerto Vallarta.

James has not acknowledged his absence from Puerto Vallarta on social media, but there's no doubt it will be addressed on the show. Is he on the outs with his costars and not invited? Or did he turn down the offer to party it up in Mexico? There are no answers at this point, but the cast films the show every summer, so it's all the more likely this will be a storyline when Vanderpump Rules returns for Season 7.

On the other hand, Billie, who joined Vanderpump Rules as a recurring cast member during Season 6, spoke out about her absence from the fun. On Aug.9, Billie tweeted, "It’s obvious I’m not in Mexico. Sucks still being the newbie @SurRestaurant not everyone can get their shift covered so I’ll be hosting tomorrow night at SUR. Come visit me!"

James, Billie, and James' girlfriend Raquel Leviss were not a part of this Vanderpump Rules cast vacation, but pretty much everyone else shared great photos from the trip.


They Coordinated Outfits

The Vanderpump Rules cast loves dressing up for themed events. The whole group rocking white outfits is actually pretty simple in comparison to the elaborate costumes they've rocked in the past.


They Took "Candid" Photos

There is absolutely nothing candid about this group photo, but there's no doubt about it: It's super cute. Plus, it's so interesting to think about. Stassi is in this photo with her man Beau and her ex-boyfriend Jax. Tom is in between his girlfriend Ariana and his ex-girlfriend Kristen. Kristen is next to Jax, who she cheated with when she was still dating Tom. And yet, here they are all laughing together and enjoying their vacation.


They Took A Girls Photo

With the constantly shifting dynamics on this show, it's been a while since all of the full-time female cast members got along long enough to pose for a group photo. Sure, as fans suspect, there was probably arguing before or after this photo was taken, but getting everyone in the same shot is still a big deal.


Beau Bonded With The Guys

Stassi's boyfriend Beau is new to the show, but looks like he's fitting in just fine and getting along with the guys in the cast.


They Took Their Tops Off

The female cast members took major issue with Lala for taking her bikini top off during a cast trip to Hawaii. Of course, this is when none of them were actually friends with Lala. Now that she seems to be closer with the cast, it's possible that this photo was a reference to that infamous vacation moment.


Ariana Made A Great Picture Even Better

Is this an outtake or is Ariana purposely being hilarious? Either way, she truly does make this photo.


Jax & Brittany Enjoyed The Pool

The love birds made sure to get some quality couple time during their vacation with friends.


Kristen, Lala, & Scheana Drove ATVs

The Vanderpump Rules cast is known for the outrageous partying on their vacations, but the crew mixed things up by driving ATVs in Puerto Vallarta.


Stassi Brought Her New Boyfriend

This is the first time that Stassi went on a cast trip with a boyfriend. Well, other than Jax when they were on-again-off-again back in the day.


They Took Selfies

This was pretty much a given. Of course, the ladies took a fire selfie together.


Jax & Schwartz Bro-ed Out

The bromances are the most solid relationships on this show. It's not at all surprising that Jax and Schwartz took this bromantic picture mid-sunset.


Sandoval & Ariana Dressed To Impress

These two always bring it in the fashion department, vacation was no different.


Brittany & Stassi Smiled For The Camera

These two could not look any happier. Clearly they were enjoying their vacation, or at the very least they were enjoying this particular moment.


Scheana Posed During Sunset

The cast always makes fun of Scheana's propensity to take selfies. This photo of Scheana taking a photo of Scheana is just peak Scheana.


Brittany & Ariana Drove Together

Brittany and Ariana partnered up during the group's ATV outing.


Brittany Subtly Showed Off Her Engagement Ring

There's a lot going on in this photo: the clear water and the picture-perfect sky among them, but Brittany's engagement ring is really sparkling here.


Brittany Posed For The Camera

Jax shared this photo of Brittany striking a pose during their trip. Will this photo shoot make it into the show? Or is this for Instagram's eyes only?

Based on the photos, the SURvers had a great time in Puerto Vallarta, but there had to be some drama, right? This is Vanderpump Rules, after all. Now the viewers just have to wait until Season 7 to see what went down in between smiling for vacation photos.