Pinterest's New Inclusive Search Feature Lets You Search Beauty Tutorials & Products Based On Skin Tone

Courtesy of Pinterest

While everyone is posting to their Instagram story or lamenting Snapchat's changes, there's one social media site that's seriously holding it down — and it's Pinterest. The beauty, food, wedding, fashion, anything you could possibly want site is still a major hub for inspiration, and now Pinterest's inclusive search feature has just upped the site's beauty game to the next level.

It's no secret that Pinterest is filled to the brim with pins, images used for inspiration or used to direct a user to another website. Sometimes, though, they can get overwhelming. They basically seem to be never ending, and when it comes to beauty, it's not one size fits all. Beauty is diverse, and in a sea of images it can be hard to find what you're looking for without modifying your search criteria. Well, Pinterest is making that happen.

Now, when you search for beauty tutorials or best products using the site's search feature, you can narrow down your request to skin tone. Pinterest currently gives you four options for your search: light, medium, dark, and deep. While the feature isn't perfect, and things can get a little jumbled in these categories, it's still new and is a total step in the right direction.

How do you use this new feature? It's actually super easy, and if you don't want to use it and just love scrolling through the thousands upon thousands of images available on the site, you can still do that.

When searching, you can look for anything from foundation tips to makeup tutorials to best products. Once you've entered in your keywords and searched, you'll be brought to your results. At the top of your screen by the search bar, though, you'll notice that you don't just have other keyword options. Now, you've got the choice to narrow your search to skin tone.

Simply choose the skin tone you're looking for, and Pinterest will sort the results for you.

Talk about an easier search time, right?

But what made Pinterest make this change? According to the site, they're home to over 8 billion beauty and hair pins. Yes, that's billion with a b. Clearly, things can get a little overwhelming. To make things easier and more inclusive for all users, they've not introduced this features. Citing the continuing call for inclusivity in the beauty industry and the industry's rising response to these calls, Pinterest has decided to join the movement with their search feature.

Pinterest, however, isn't just creating a inclusive feature to join the rest of the industry. They're doing it because it's what's best for their users. The site discovered via a study that 70 percent of their users utilize Pinterest for look inspiration. From hair styles to eye looks to finding foundations, they're looking for results that are specific and work for them and their skin tones. The new search feature makes that much easier. There's no more wading through those 8 billion beauty and hair pins to find the one that's exactly what you're looking for.

While Pinterest may appear like a small way to work toward inclusivity, small steps are still meaningful. With brands expanding their shade ranges (thanks to Rihanna and Fenty Beauty) and calls for more inclusive marketing in the beauty community, it makes total sense that a site with an expansive collection of hair, makeup, and skin care tips and tricks would also begin to make inclusivity a priority.

Kudos to Pinterest for crafting a tool that welcomes all skin tones on their site. By creating the ability for users to find themselves and people who look like them, they're increasing representation on the site, and never forget that representation matters.