Prince Harry & Meghan Markle Attended The Queen's Birthday Concert & The Photos Are TOO Cute

by Sophy Ziss
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The Queen of England celebrated her 92nd birthday on April 21 with an over-the-top concert event worthy of — well, the Queen of England. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle attended the Queen's birthday too, and it's all the more reason to love them both. They're just weeks away from their May 19 wedding date, but they obviously made the night all about Harry's grandmother, the Queen. As an added bonus, the royal couple happened to look super adorable together too.

Few would consider attending their significant other's grandmother's birthday party a date night, but then again, few are the wonderful Markle. If you've been asleep for the last year or so, here's a reminder of how amazing she is: Markle is an American actor and woman of color, and she's about to join the royal family. She's been married before, and she's a few years older than Harry. Basically, Markle is absolutely fabulous. It also seems she's adopting a style similar to the Duchess of Cambridge, aka Kate Middleton, who will be her sister-in-law in just a few short weeks. Prince Harry looked sweetly grown-up, with his ever-present beard and gently parted hair, but Markle looked legitimately regal. Her midnight blue cape-sleeve dress was perfect. Perfect. And sigh, Harry matched his suit to her dress.

In addition to Markle and Prince Harry, the guest list for the Queen's birthday party included Kylie Minogue, Shawn Mendes, Sting, Shaggy, Tom Jones, and more, according to E! Online. There was a long list of royals present as well, but Shaggy. Just let that one sink in.

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The full list of royals in attendance, as reported by E! online, included the following:

Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, Princess Eugenie, Princess Beatrice, Prince Charles, Prince of Wales, Lady Louise Windsor, Sophie, Countess of Wessex, Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, Princess Anne, Princess Royal, Vice Admiral Sir Timothy Laurence and Prince Edward.

Per Kensington Royal, the Twitter account that chronicles official events of the British royal family, Prince Harry also used the evening to make a speech announcing the Queen's Commonwealth Trust, which will "champion, fund and connect young leaders who are working hard to change the world," according to the trust's Twitter account. He will serve as the president of the trust, which means he and Markle will surely be attending more swanky events in the near future.

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Prince Harry wasn't the only royal grandson celebrating Queen Elizabeth II on her birthday. Prince William was present as well, but without Middleton by his side, for good reason. She's in the late stages of her third pregnancy, and is taking things easy as a result. It sounds as if the night was rockin', so hopefully, she caught the BBC broadcast of the evening.

The concert event took place at the Royal Albert Hall in London, which was first opened in 1871 and might be best known to Americans as the setting for the end of the movie Spiceworld. There's no doubt that the list of performers who filled the hall is impressive. And the image of a monarch celebrating their 92nd birthday in the presence of Shaggy defies description. Still, it's hard to top just how lovely Prince Harry and Megan Markle looked at the event. Even the professional photographs for the evening can't help but capture the intimacy between them. One in particular, where Markle is whispering something in his ear, should probably replace the Union Jack as the official flag of the United Kingdom. OK, maybe not, but just look at these two:

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The cuteness is way too real.

Sadly, Markle has retired from social media since her engagement was announced, so there aren't any candid photos from the evening available. Instead, the Kensington Royal account posts updates about the couple on their behalf. While fans are unsure of how she enjoyed the morning after her date night, one thing is for sure: Prince Harry was not able to sleep in. He joined the Queen on the morning of April 22 to celebrate the London Marathon. It's hard work being literal royalty.