'Queen Sugar' S2 Will Be Here Before You Know It

The Bordelon siblings are returning to OWN for another round of intense family drama this summer. According to Deadline, Queen Sugar Season 2 will premiere over the course of two nights on June 20 & 21. From executive producers Oprah Winfrey and Ava DuVernay, Queen Sugar's first season was one of the most feminist series on TV thanks to its unflinching look at the intricacies of the lives of its female characters, the toll toxic masculinity can take on black men, and the racial divide that still exists in the south.

Season 2 is expected to delve even deeper into the fascinating world of the Bordelons as Charley, played by Dawn-Lyen Gardner, moves to Saint Josephine where she commits to running the family's sugarcane mill alongside her brother, Ralph Angel. Once again, the series will set itself apart by featuring a lineup of all female directors. While the full list is yet to come, so far Kat Candler, DeMane Davis, Cheryl Dunye, Aurora Guerrero, and Amanda Marsalis are all set to direct episodes of Season 2, according to Deadline.

Queen Sugar's commitment to diversity in front of and behind the camera sets it apart from many other shows on television. By committing to having female directors guide the series, the show's aesthetic is often daring in its beauty and rawness. With so many amazing female characters in the cast, having female directors behind the camera adds authenticity to their stories and their viewpoints.

If you missed out on Season 1 of this incredible series, then you have plenty of time to catch up before the Season 2 premiere. In addition to announcing the premiere date, OWN also revealed Season 1 of the hit series will be streaming on Hulu beginning April 21. That gives you a good two months to become obsessed with Charley, Nova, and Ralph Angel.

Fans of family dramas owe it to themselves to check Queen Sugar out. Not only are each of the siblings richly drawn, the series itself is grounded in a sense of place and is unafraid of tackling tough issues, including police corruption. Ultimately, Queen Sugar is a story about the power of home, and all the ways you can never truly escape the pull of your family. It is compulsively watchable, and one of TV's truest hidden gems.

Beautifully shot and acted, the drama is the definition of must-see TV. Get caught up on Hulu, so you can spend your summer in Louisiana with the Bordelons. Trust me, once you tune into Queen Sugar once, you will be a fan for life.