Here’s How ‘Queer Eye’ Fans Can See Jonathan Van Ness Perform Comedy IRL

Christopher Polk/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Everyone knows the Queer Eye guys have jokes, but now one of the members of the Fab Five will soon be bringing his to a city near you. Queer Eye's Jonathan Van Ness is heading out on a comedy tour. It's his very first and it's kind of a big deal. After making so many other people's dreams come true, the hair stylist is finally making his. Van Ness has always dreamed of being a stand-up comedian, and he's finally making his dream a reality. And, what's more, fans can actually see him do it.

Van Ness' tour, which is sponsored by Hotels.com, kicked off its 10-night tour in Brooklyn on Sept. 5. Queer Eye's resident grooming expert will also make stops in cities across the country like Washington D.C., Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Kansas City, MI, where he's filming the new season of Queer Eye, in the coming weeks — ticket information will be made available at Hotels.com. And, for those fans who can't catch one of his shows, luckily Van Ness' his time on the road is being filmed for a behind-the-scenes docu-web series that will clearly be a must-watch.

Van Ness told People that the tour itself was a bit of a surprise, even to him. “I was minding my own little baby business one day and I got this amazing call from Hotels.com that they wanted to partner up,” Van Ness said. “They wanted to help me get into my vibes of trying to see if I could really do stand-up and really make this a reality.”


As for what fans can expect of his comedy tour, Van Ness, who grew up watching funny ladies like Margaret Cho and Joan Rivers, said his show will consist of a lot of honest humor. “I’m naturally kind of hammy,” he said. “It’ll be fast-paced and full of story-telling.” Those stories will be available for all to see in November when Hotels.comedy Presents 10 Nights with Jonathan Van Ness debuts on the Hotels.com YouTube channel.

Van Ness told People that the four episodes will be "a little peek behind the curtain to see me in a different way. It is definitely very vulnerable going up and getting into a stand-up comedy space," he added, "and it feels like the tables are turned on me in the sense that I’m now the subject of the story.” The series will include clips of his performances along with a debriefing from Van Ness himself hanging out in his hotel room in his robe.

Don't worry, though, this tour won't effect his Queer Eye filming schedule. Van Ness will still be helping others look their best in Season 3 of the Netflix hit, which has the guys moving their headquarters from Atlanta to Kansas City, Missouri. Next season, Queer Eye will also have a special celebrity cameo, along with celebrating even more diverse subjects.

But Van Ness promises these little tweaks won't take away from the heart of the show. “I think it’s going to be a lot of the same fun and joy and human connection,” he told People about the new season, which is slated to return in 2019.

When it does return Van Ness won't be the only one with something new on their resume. Queer Eye's food expert Antoni is opening a restaurant, while the very stylish Tan France will make his acting debut on Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. Clearly, the talent of the Fab Five can't be contained by whatever tiny device fans are watching Queer Eye on. But that doesn't mean Van Ness isn't a little nervous to change things up. After all, the tagline for his docu-series is that he wants "to stand-up or cry trying." Van Ness' fans will be there to support him through laughter and maybe even tissues if the tears star flowing. From tears of joy, of course.