Rachel & Bryan Want A TV Wedding & Here's When 'Bachelor' Fans May Get To See That Happen

Lisa Lake/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Grab a 2019 calendar. Grab a marker. Circle all of the months that you would call “spring months.” Because that is when The Bachelorette’s Rachel Lindsay and Bryan Abasolo’s wedding date could happen. Rachel recently told Entertainment Tonight that she and her fiancé may tie the knot next spring, which would be several months later than originally planned. The Bachelor Nation legend said,

"Yes, ideally — I wanted a winter wedding. I wanted it in December, but as it's getting closer and plans haven't been put in place, it's looking more next year, the spring, because I want to have kids. I really want to start next year. I want more stability. We've been traveling so much and I want to create this family unit and a home for us. We've been having a great time, traveling, we live together, so we've already done the things, 'Oh, I'll wait two years once I get married' — we're already doing that. So, it's like, why wait?! Let's have kids!"

The last couple of years have been a whirlwind for Rachel and Bryan, and they genuinely seem so happy together. Bryan proposed to Rachel on The Bachelorette Season 13 finale, and few months after their engagement aired on national television, they moved in together. Oh, and they have been talking about taking their relationship to the marriage level for quite a while.

In January, Bryan told Extra he and Rachel planned on doing the wedding thing in 2018. He said,

“We haven’t set anything yet. We definitely want to get married this year, and that’s the plan. 2018, it’s gonna happen.”

And in December 2017, Rachel told People,

“Originally we said a winter wedding then both of our mothers said: ‘Don’t, can we have a fall wedding?’ Now, I could do spring! I’m ready! 2018 for sure. I am not waiting another year.”

However, as Rachel made fairly clear in the new ET interview, she and Bryan probably won't be hearing wedding bells in 2018; the couple has adjusted the timeline a bit. Regardless, it sure sounds like Rachel and the recipient of the First Impression Rose are still raring to get married.

Every person who gets engaged on a Bachelor Nation program is treated to/plagued by two questions: When are you getting married and will your wedding be televised? If you think Rachel made it through the aforementioned Entertainment Tonight interview without addressing both of the questions, you’ve got another think coming. The Bachelorette star told ET,

"Unfortunately it's not up to us if we get the green light to do it — it's a lot of moving parts. We're not opposed to a TV wedding! Just because we fell in love on TV, we met on TV —it completes the circle. I feel like a lot of people are invested in our love story and they want to see it come full circle. So, I'm all about a TV wedding, it's really about timing. Will the network give it to us? Will everything work together? The perfect storm has to come together for a wedding."

So there you have it. If everything falls in just the right place, Rachel and Bryan would be down to get hitched on the small screen, just like so many Bachelor Nation couples before them. But again, nothing is set. Not yet, at least. Rachel told ET that she has spoken to producers about possibly putting their wedding on TV. It is in Father Time's hands. Here's hoping Father Time hands a long-stemmed rose to a wedding date that works for Bachelor Nation. And, ya know, for Rachel and Bryan.