Raven & Jasmine Snuck Off The Set During ‘The Bachelor’ & Yes There Are Pics

Paul Hebert/ABC

Approximately one whole lifetime ago, Nick Viall was the Bachelor. And during his season of The Bachelor, the cast went to New Orleans. And during that trip to the Big Easy, Raven Gates and Jasmine Goode snuck out of the hotel one evening. Their mission: Go to Café Du Monde. Without cameras. Without mic packs. Without producers. And without worrying about whether or not they’d receive a rose in the middle of the excursion. And holy square donuts, did they ever accomplish this mission.

A rebellion took place behind the scenes during The Bachelor Season 21, and the viewers at home were none the wiser. Until now, that is. On March 22, Raven honored the all-important weekly tradition that is #TBT with a throwback Instagram Stories saga.

“I have a confession to make about something that happened on my season of The Bachelor,” she began. And then, the Bachelor Nation alum chronicled the thriller of an evening when she and Jasmine took a producer’s phone, ordered an Uber, escaped to the world-famous beignet spot, and documented the adventure.

It only took about a year after their season aired, but Raven was ready to share the tale with the world. She was ready to reveal that she Jasmine bent a few Bachelor Nation rules while they were on the show. And it was all in the name of beignets.

Let the beignet-scapade begin.

How, exactly, did they go about swiping the cell phone? Raven never says. A Bachelor-gician never shares her secrets.

They just wanted to get out of the hotel and go sink their teeth in some powdered sugar-covered squares of puffy dough, and who among us can blame them?

Before you're like, "Eh, going out for donuts isn't that big of a deal," remember: In Bachelor Nation, leaving the Bachelor Mansion or hotels without the show’s permission is a major no-no. If one of your cast mates is out on a one-on-one with the Bachelor/ette, that does not mean you have a free day to do whatever you want wherever you want. You are stuck at the Bachelor Mansion or the hotel. All day. And you definitely are not allowed to go out at night whenever you want. Sure, there are far worse places to be stuck, but if you spend enough time in any one place, cabin fever is bound to happen. And during Season 21, it seems as though cabin fever drove two Bachelor contestants to seek out beignets.

Furthermore, going off campus, er, off set without approval was not the only rule they broke. While the franchise does make exceptions for people who have kids at home, contestants typically are not allowed to have access to cell phones, let alone run off with a producer's cell phone without permission.

Think Raven and Jasmine got in trouble for snatching a producer’s mobile, requesting a car, leaving set without giving anyone a head’s up, and tiptoeing back into their hotel with a bag of beignets? Nope. According to Raven, she and her co-star were only in hot water for a hot second. “We were first in big trouble… Until we shared our Café Du Monde with producers and cast mates,” she wrote.

Yes, they tried to make amends by offering up a sack full of beignets, and the producers accepted. No, this unauthorized journey to Café Du Monde did not get them cut from the show. And yes, Raven and Jasmine were still invited to be on Bachelor in Paradise Season 4.

There’s a lesson here, and that lesson is: If you are going to sneak off set while you are on The Bachelor/ette, you better bring back beignets.