What Bustle's Book Club Will Be Reading In March

by Sydney Rappis

Now, more than ever, is it essential to be reading stories written by writers from all backgrounds. Reading has been proven to promote empathy, and Bustle believes that reading broadly is one way to move towards mending the divides of our nation.

That's the motivation behind Bustle’s American Women Book Club. Over the next year (and beyond), the book club will read stories about American women from all backgrounds, races, ethnicities, social classes, religions, and sexualities.

In March, the Bustle American Woman Book Club will be reading Ibi Zoboi’s novel American Street. This books tells the story of Fabiola Toussaint, a young Haitian immigrant who moves to Detroit’s west side. Fabiola and her mother left Port-au-Prince, Haiti, to join their extended family in America, expecting to find une belle vie — a good life. But then Fabiola’s mother is detained by U.S. immigration, and Fabiola is left to find her place in a strange new world all by herself. As she navigates her new school, moves in with family she has never met before, and (surprisingly!) begins to fall in love, Fabiola realizes “the good life” isn't as easily discovered as she once believed. Fabiola’s tale of magical self discovery, hope, and love is a commentary on both contemporary America and the gritty realities of humanity.

American Street by Ibi Zoboi, $10.58, Amazon

Join Bustle's American Woman Book Club on Goodreads now. Readers are also welcome to a live event with Bustle Books Editor Cristina Arreola and author Ibi Zoboi at Strand Book Store in New York City on Thursday, March 30th.

See you then, and happy reading!