Reasons Vanessa Shouldn't End Up With Nick Viall On 'The Bachelor'

According to Jimmy Kimmel's predictions — and not to brag, but also my own — at the end of this Bachelor season, Vanessa Grimaldi will walk away with a ring and a fiancé named Nick Viall. But, just because Kimmel and I believe that Vanessa will be the last one standing, doesn't mean we think it's a good idea. I actually can't speak for Kimmel, so I take that back. It doesn't mean I think it's a good idea. They might have a strong connection, but there are (right) reasons Vanessa should not end up with Nick.

Sure, these two had the most chemistry on their first one-on-one date in comparison to all the other one-on-one dates. (If kissing someone who just threw up while experiencing zero gravity doesn't equate to some intense, palpable chemistry, then I really have no idea what chemistry is. Someone, please help.) Since that date, their relationship has naturally, effortlessly evolved. It's been an unwavering steady burn. Vanessa might not always be in the spotlight, but she's definitely somewhere close by.

Vanessa has the X factor. The je ne sais quoi. There's something about Vanessa that would probably drive Matt Dillon and Ben Stiller and Lee Evans and Chris Elliott to vie for her affection. (10 points if you understand that reference.) But, despite being beautiful, possessing the features of Penélope Cruz, and the grace of an Italian Lady Diana, there's something about Vanessa that feels off... for Nick. Here's why they shouldn't say "I do" in the end.

The Distance

Lest we all forget, here's a reminder: Vanessa is from Canada. That's not a hop, skip, and a jump away from Nick's location. Not only will she have to uproot her life out of a city or state, she'll have to leave a whole country. Since so much of Nick's life is based in L.A., I can't imagine he'd make the move up north. This one will be on Vanessa, and it will surely cause some strife.

Their Careers

Nick's career forces him to stay in L.A., and it forces him to be sociable — always out on the town and in the public eye. For a special education teacher from Canada, that type of lifestyle might be a lot to handle.

Waning Chemistry

That second date with Vanessa in week seven didn't bode well for their future. It wasn't a bad date, but it definitely didn't feel like their first one-on-one. Something just wasn't clicking. Which leads to my next point...

Communication Style

When Vanessa expressed her affection and Nick came back at her with some monologue about his fears of saying "I love you," it looked like they were speaking two different languages. As CNN's Zachary Wolf once said about Donald Trump, “What does Nick mean when he says words?"

TL;DR: Vanessa's communication style is upfront. Nick likes to dilly-dally around the subject matter. This could pose major problems.

Their Personalities Might Not Match

Granted, we know a lot more of Nick's personality than Vanessa's, but from what's been shown, she seems more serious and reserved, where he seems silly and outgoing. Will she laugh at his corny jokes? Will she roll her eyes when he dances like this?:

Tough to say.

He's Dated Women Like Vanessa Before

Andi Dorfman, Kaitlyn Bristowe, Jen Saviano. All three are strong-willed, brunette, successful, tenacious women. That might be reductive, considering all three of those aforementioned women are much more than just those qualities, but you can't argue that Nick doesn't have a type. Also, you can't argue that this type has not worked out in his favor.

He Doesn't Seem Totally Sold On This Process (Or Her)

It makes sense, considering it's wronged him before. Seeing Nick so unsure about where he stands this late in the game (after he sent Danielle L. home he told the remaining girls he felt uneasy about this process) isn't a good sign.

There's Already A Nick & Vanessa

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

It could get really confusing for everyone.

Of course, if these two do end up together, I wish them nothing but the best. And if they make it through year one, I will personally send them a paper gift.