Everything That Happened To Spencer On 'Pretty Little Liars' Season 7A

by Caitlin Flynn
Eric McCandless/Freeform

There's never a dull moment for any of the Liars, but Season 7A of Pretty Little Liars was especially eventful for Spencer. When Jessica DiLaurentis' twin sister, Mary Drake, arrived in Rosewood it prompted immediate speculation that she's Spencer's biological mother. And, passing comments and other clues also led to a slew of theories that involve Spencer having a twin. In the final moments of the season finale, Spencer was shot (seemingly by Jenna) and left fighting for her life. Don't worry — all promo trailers and photos show that she survived. Aside from Noel Kahn decapitating himself (yes, really), the most shocking moment of the finale was Mary arriving on the scene to declare that she's Spencer's mom.

If this sounds way too simply, it probably is. I have no idea why Mary would lie about such a thing, but I. Marlene King told Entertainment Weekly that the identity of Mary's second child won't be revealed until Season 7B, which premieres on April 18. Personally, I hope Mary has a very good excuse for dropping such a major bombshell in the midst of a life or death situation.

Here's everything that happened to Spencer prior to that massive cliffhanger.

The Parallels Between Spencer & Mary Are Undeniable

When Mary comes knocking on the Hastings' door, she and Spencer have a conversation that's laden with family references. Plus, there's definitely a physical resemblance between the two and subtle clues indicating they may be mother and daughter go all the way back to Season 4. During their first interaction, Mary comments that Spencer and Melissa used to be mistaken for twins — and it set off a frenzy of theories that Spencer has a twin out there somewhere. I'm not sold on the idea that Mary is actually Spencer's biological mother, but I definitely think there's some sort of blood relation between the pair.

Things Don't Go Well For Spencer In The Romance Department

I'm #TeamHaleb all the way, but it was still sad to see Spencer get her heart broken by Caleb. Meanwhile, she learns that her first love, Toby, is now engaged to Yvonne and they're moving to Maine together. Before he departs, Toby tells Spencer that he built the house in Rosewood for her — not Yvonne. Understandably on the rebound, Spencer starts to hook up with Marco before she realizes that he's Rosewood's newest detective. Here's to hoping that he's more competent than the rest of the Rosewood PD.

Spencer & Hanna Dig Up Archer Dunhill's Grave

After the Liars mow down Archer Dunhill (previously known as Elliott Rollins), he looks dead — really, really dead. Luckily, they happen to carry a shovel with them at all times so they get to work and bury him near the crash site in the woods. Shortly thereafter, Hanna and Spencer start getting phone calls from a man with a British accent who claims to know what they did to Archer. In a seriously unwise move, the two go back to the burial site and start digging to make sure he's really six feet under. The good news? Archer's corpse is still there. The bad news? A.D. caught the whole thing on camera.

Spencer & Emily Discover The Truth About Noel Kahn

While snooping around the Kahn family's cabin, Emily and Spencer find a flash drive that contains footage of their time in the Dollhouse. In a major bombshell discovery, they realize that Noel was there the whole time helping Charlotte torture them. The flash drive is stolen from Spencer's house, but Noel accidentally decapitates himself in the finale so we'll call it even.

Spencer Gets Shot

In the most jaw-dropping moment of the season, Spencer was shot. It appears that the culprit was Jenna because she was shown holding a gun and firing it at least once. But, nothing is ever straightforward on Pretty Little Liars, so it's possible Jenna had an accomplice who's responsible for the bloodshed.

Spencer will be in recovery when Season 7B kicks off, but there are still a lot of loose ends to her storyline — and I can't wait to see what the final season has in store for everyone's favorite political lobbyist.