Reese Witherspoon Had A Real Life 'Legally Blonde' Moment

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Even the indomitable talent that is Reese Witherspoon is not immune to the power of nostalgia — and I suspect one college student is really glad she isn't. During a visit to her alma mater of Stanford, Witherspoon stopped by her old dorm room, only to meet its current resident, Caitlyn. While there's no word on what the young woman's official reaction was, she invited the Big Little Lies actor in and got a sweet photo out of the deal.

Seriously though, is there anyone on this planet who wouldn't invite Elle Woods into their dorm room? Caitlyn just won the best end of semester surprise story ever, but I'm super curious about her roommate or across the hall neighbor who sat calmly typing while Witherspoon was just a few feet away. Either the person in the photo behind the smiling duo possesses the most chill ever, or their commitment to studying is so extensive they resisted the opportunity to ask Witherspoon a thousand questions about her Stanford days. Hopefully, Caitlyn at least used the opportunity wisely. By wisely, I mean I hope she asked the actor about those Big Little Lies Season 2 rumors, of course, because I need to know at least one college student has their priorities in order.

No matter how you look at it, this was clearly a beautiful moment for both parties. Witherspoon got to revisit the place she called home during her collegiate years, and the room's new resident got to hang out with one of the coolest people in Hollywood. That's a win-win situation for everyone involved.

Witherspoon was on campus to give a speech at the Stanford Graduate School of Business when she decided to pay a visit to her old dorm. The Oscar Winner posted a photo from her chat on Instagram accompanied by the caption, "It was a honor to share my experiences and chat with all of you bright minds. Keep studying hard and dreaming big!" (Seriously, sometimes I suspect Witherspoon is Elle Woods deep down.)

Given Witherspoon's success not only as an actor, but as a businessperson with a commitment to producing projects with a focus on female creators, she is the perfect alumnus to speak to future leaders. It's always nice to see stars giving back to their colleges and communities, but it's cool to also know that Stanford is still turning out students with big hearts who will happily open their doors for a (famous) graduate.