Reformation Is Opening Two New Stores In Los Angeles

by Alexa Tucker

Reformation fans, you'll soon have two new spots to get your fix IRL. In the next couple of weeks, Reformation's opening two new stores in Los Angeles, and they promise to be every bit as amazing as their website. It's basically your dream summer wardrobe all in one place.

The first of the two new stores is opening at Platform Culver City on May 30, and the second is opening on Melrose on June 6. This marks the fifth and sixth of the brand's permanent stores — they've also got outposts in San Francisco, NYC's SoHo and the Lower East Side, and another in L.A. (also on Melrose). There's also a pop-up in Miami through May 31.

To add to the excitement, these new L.A. stores have some extra bells and whistles, too. First rolled out when they opened their San Francisco store in February, there are some tech-y new design features that'll blow your mind — it's one step closer to what we used to think the ~stores of the future~ would be like.

Touch screens will be throughout the store to help you find sizes, styles, and colors, and they'll also be in your dressing room so you can order clothes directly there. Basically, all of the things you love about online shopping (without the things you don't). The dressing rooms will also have customizable music and lighting.

And true to Reformation's commitment to sustainable fashion, the new stores have environmentally conscious details to minimize their footprint (er, storeprint) — think "low VOC paints, eco lighting, and reusable totes and hangers made from recycled materials," according to the brand.

Here's a look at what the equally tech-y San Fran store on Valencia looks like, to give us a clue about what the new L.A. shops have in store for us.

Customizable lighting is one of the most genius features, in my personal opinion, because dressing room lighting is traditionally the worst.

No matter what the features are like though, at least we know one thing for sure — the clothes are going to be amazing.