Rihanna's Fenty Beauty Highlighter Is Happening

We've known about Rihanna's upcoming Fenty Beauty line since April 2016, but one year later, it's finally realer than real. At a Fenty Puma pop-up shop in Los Angeles last week, Rihanna confirmed that a Fenty Beauty highlighter would be part of the drop — she was even wearing it.

When a fan asked what highlighter Riri was rocking, she coyly responded "it's mine," like the queen she is. "It's a secret, till September," she added. Even though the details are still under wraps, the confirmation alone has been enough to send Rihanna fans and beauty fans alike into a frenzy.

Judging by the video a fan took of her teasing the highlighter, it looks like it's got a pearlescent pink undertone. No word on whether it's a powder, cream, or liquid formula, but one thing's for sure: If Rihanna's wearing it, it's got to be fierce.

Rumor has it that the launch will also include a holographic pink lipstick, although that's purely speculation for now. Personally, I'm crossing my fingers for a Rihanna-approved bronzer, eyeshadow, and liquid liner — hey, maybe that's what her niece Majesty got into in this adorable Instagram. OK, I'm getting ahead of myself. Let's be real: We'll take what we can get, especially this highlighter.

Judging by Twitter's reaction, we'll all be shining bright like diamonds in September. At least, the lucky ones who can get their hands on it, because this is arguably the most hotly anticipated beauty drop of 2017.

Pretty much a universal reaction.

I, too, am shooketh.

Agreed — Rihanna's a boss if there ever was one.

No word on the price yet of course, but also, do we care?

You have to admire this girl's unbridled enthusiasm, right?

It's worth noting that even before this bombshell, people were hailing Rihanna as the inventor of highlighter thanks to her circa-2006 video for SOS. Oh, the memz.